Circulon Non-Stick + Hard Anodized (6mm thick) 26cm Curved Roti/Chappati/Parantha Tawa, Black

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  • A global standard for Non-stick: Food won’t stick-GUARANTEED!
  • World’s first and exclusive food release technology: TOTAL HI-LOW FOOD RELEASE SYSTEM
  • Exceptionally thick hard-anodized construction: With 6mm thickness
  • Coated rivets: For hygienic cooking
  • Non-stick coated rim: For a premium finish
  • USA FDA approved non-stick coating: From Chemours (USA)
  • Scratch resistant and Metal utensil safe
  • Heat resistant cast stainless-steel handles
  • Oven safe
  • Suitable Cooktops: Suitable for gas and electric cooktops; not suitable for induction
  • Guaranteed 100% PFOA free, 100% Lead-free & 100% Cadmium free
  • Mainly used for dishes like Chappatis, Besan Chillas, Paranthas, Pancakes, Crepes, Tortillas or dishes that need shallow frying like tikkis. A highly useful tawa for daily household needs. 


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Global standard for non-stick:
Food won’t stick-GUARANTEED!

TOTAL Food Release System:
Features world’s first and exclusive food release technology called the ‘TOTAL FOOD RELEASE SYSTEM’.

Exceptionally thick hard-anodized construction:
Makes it twice as hard as stainless-steel for an outstanding durability. Made from 6mm thick, heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminium, the cookware heats quickly and spreads heat evenly which helps in reducing hot spots that can burn food and hence provides an exceptional non-stick cooking experience.

Hi-low grooves:
This cookware vessel features its unique raised circles that are in a high-low pattern of concentric circles which reduce abrasion by protecting the low area from damage. This allows the major low area of your non-stick vessel to stay protected and the minor high area to be exposed to bear the wrath of your metal utensil.

Heat resistant stainless-steel handles:
Riveted for strength and safety that won’t heat up even after prolonged use on the cooktop.

Scratch resistant and Metal utensil safe:
Either scratch it or scrape it with your metal spatula. Best performance guaranteed for superior food release and easy cleaning with Chemours non-stick coating that grants you a hassle-free guarantee.

Oven safe:
To 240-degree C/464-degree F.

Suitable cooktops:
Compatible with gas and electric cooktops; not suitable for induction.

100% Safe:
Circulon uses coatings from Chemours (USA) that are eco-friendly and 100% PFOA free, 100% Lead-free and 100% Cadmium free. These coatings are formulated and quality tested to resist peeling or chipping. In case the cookware is misused (overheated or scratched with sharp utensils) and the non-stick coatings are accidentally eaten, there is no danger. These particles are harmless, non-toxic and inert. If eaten, they pass directly through the body and are not absorbed. The USA FDA has stated that accidental consumption of non-stick particles poses no health threat. This quality of the coatings makes the food completely non-reactive and safe for healthier cooking.

Manufactured with pride by Meyer, the global leader in cookware since 1951
All Circulon cookware, which is made of aluminium or stainless steel, is manufactured in-house at Meyer factories located in Thailand, China, Italy and USA. In addition to manufacturing cookware, we also manufacture over 90 percent of the materials used to make the cookware including corrugated materials used for packaging. Meyer Thailand factory, with more than 1 million square feet of manufacturing space, plus an additional 300,000 square feet for the rolling mill, is one of the largest cookware factories in the world. It produces about 150,000 pans per day. Combined, Meyer factories (Thailand + China + Italy + USA) produce more than 45 million pans annually.

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