Meyer Launches Lucrative Diwali Offer on Cookware

It’s that time of the year when happy light subsides even the grimmest gloom! It’s that time of the year when we make everything around us spick and span. The festival of lights is about to ascend with all its mirth and magic. The hum of boisterous chatter and the aroma of delicious cooking will ignite merriment aplenty. Yes, it’s time for Diwali and time to welcome prosperity, happiness and abundance.

This festive seasonMeyer India is offering great discounts on its premium range of cookware. The number one cookware company in the USA and also a global cookware leader, Meyer, has introduced a wide range of sophisticated and safe cookware that is just what you and your kitchen need for this festival. 


The Big Diwali sale is up and running and will be available for you to cash in till 8th November on its website. There is a significant drop in price that will certainly up your happiness quotient.

Here’s a summary of all that is in offer for you to avail this festival!



For any kitchen, cookware that can take rough handling, is dishwasher safe, remains scratch and chip free, and is elegantly-designed is a must. That’s why in India, stainless steel,’ The Crown of Durability’ holds the heart of the kitchen. Meyer offers the purest stainless steel cookware range- Select & Trivantage - that are synonymous with strength, quality and premium performance.

Diwali Discount: Get an exclusive 15% discount on sets that feature all kitchen essentials, and individual products like sauteuse, saucepan and more.



Looking for a safe alternative to non-stick coated cookware? Switch to cast iron cookware- totally toxin-free, tough and naturally non-stick!  Cast iron is a very dense metal and heats evenly, ensuring that your vegetables brown better and cook faster without having to constantly rotate your pan or stir your food.

What more, we have got a great discount on our cast iron range.

Diwali Discount: Get up to 20% discount on our entire cast iron range that includes fry pan, skillet, tawa and more.



What is that one cooking utensil that assumes an omnipresent status in every kitchen? One doesn’t even need a moment to ponder as “tawa” comes the pat reply. Tawa is certainly an integral and important part of Indian cooking and kitchen. Whether you are cooking the staple meal or something special, you need a tawa for almost everything.

Diwali Discount: Meyer and Circulon have a great discount on its wide range of Tawa. Visit the website and explore their wide array of tawas.



Meyer has launched its green “eco-friendly” product range in Ceramic that offers non-stick performance without the use of any chemical coating. Meyer Anzen is completely toxin free, easy to maintain and uplifts the look of your kitchen. The beautiful hue only accentuates its overall appeal.

Diwali Discount: Upgrade your kitchen with a whole new ceramic cookware set. Meyer is offering an exclusive 20% discount on this green cookware range.



Circulon has taken the world and India by a storm with its extraordinary performance over years and years of usage. This cookware vessel features its unique raised circles that are in a high-low pattern of concentric circles which reduce abrasion by protecting the low area from damage. This allows the major low area of your non-stick vessel to stay protected and the minor high area to be exposed to bear the wrath of your metal utensil.


Diwali Discount: Get upto 20% discount in this premium non-stick cookware range that comes with the promise of a lifetime of gourmet cooking. 

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