Cast Iron Vs Stainless Steel: Which Is Right For You?

Cast Iron Vs Stainless Steel: Which Is Right For You?


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In the world of pots and pans, you will find many cookware that will promise you lasting durability and impeccable performance, but can you trust all of these cookware and buy them without mulling over? Well, when it comes to food and cooking, we believe being prudent is always good. Among many cookware doubts, the one that plagues almost all is which cookware material is better? Should you buy cast iron cookware or buy stainless steel cookware? We clear out the confusion and help you buy the best cookware for your kitchen.

How is cast iron cookware made?
Cast iron cookware is made of smelting iron ore with at least 2-4% carbon content that is poured into a mould and after it cools, is hardened into the shape of tawa, skillet or frypan. Cast iron is hard and non-malleable, and has traces of carbon, manganese, silicon, Sulphur as well as phosphorus.

How is stainless steel cookware made?
Steel is also an iron alloy, however, it has less than 2% carbon. At least 10.5% chromium is added to a regular steel to produce stainless steel that has the ability to withstand corrosion and rust. But owing to the poor heat conduction of stainless steel, it is generally combined with aluminium or copper- high heat conducting materials- to balance the shortcoming.
Is Cast iron good or bad?


This is one question that everyone seems to be asking as the cast iron kadai and cast iron tawa that were loved by our grandmothers and mothers have made a noteworthy comeback. The popularity of cast iron cookware had declined somewhat when non-stick cookware was newly introduced, however, cast iron  is now back with a bang.


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There are so many things to love about cast iron cookware:


Versatile - Use it on the stove, oven or the grill, cast iron will work absolutely great.
Durable – No one can doubt the superior strength of cast iron. It lasts forever even if you treat it with minimal care.
Heat capacity and retention – Cast iron is known to withstand searing heat and retain it too for a longer time.

Is stainless steel cookware good?



Stainless steel cookware has always been preferred by cooks and home chefs and has never been out of trend, fashion and kitchens. Among many other things, stainless steel frypans and other cookware are known for their classic shine, versatile usage, chic profile as well as stellar heat conduction and unbeatable durability.


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Here’s helping you understand both these cookware better!


Difference between cast iron cookware and stainless steel cookware


Differences Cast Iron Stainless Steel
Weight Heavy Light
Seasoning Required Not required
Reactive Yes- to acidic food No
Heat Capacity Can withstand and retain heat for longer Depends on the core
Pre-heating Required Suggested for better result



Similarities between cast iron cookware and stainless steel cookware 

Similarities Cast Iron Stainless Steel
Durable Yes Yes
Toxic No No
Versatile Yes Yes



Both can flawlessly hold and pass the test of taste and performance. They each, ideally, should have their own space in any kitchen for they will add immense versatility to your cooking. Therefore, we will happily say, why choose between two bests? Instead, invest in both and enjoy the magic of cooking!



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