Stainless Steel Cookware Vs Hard Anodized Cookware

Stainless Steel Cookware Vs Hard Anodized Cookware


Explore which cookware suits your cooking requirements better!



Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art and you need the perfect cookware to master this art. There are numerous types of cookware that inundate the market, adding to the customers dilemma of selecting the best cookware for their kitchen. Many suggest that hard anodised cookware is the most trusted cookware while some vouch for the excellence of stainless steel cookware. Today, we bring to you a detailed comparison of both cookware materials and help you select the best cookware.



Stainless Steel Cookware


One of the most popular cookware in India, stainless steel cookware is most trustworthy when it comes to durability and versatility. Stainless steel cookware are kitchen workhorses that have been widely used to cook Indian cuisines. However, stainless steel is not a good conductor of heat, therefore, they are usually bonded with a heat conductor like copper or aluminium. 


Pros Cons
Durable and sturdy with a really long life Low quality stainless steel might have nickel

Safe ,healthy to cook in and Non-reactive to acidic food

Poor conductor of heat
Versatile, Cost-effective and worth the value
Food might stick
Sleek and shiny looks that are easy to maintain and clean



Here are some premium stainless steel cookware in India that are 100% nickel-free and are bereft of all the disadvantages that are generally associated with a stainless steel cookware. They have thick aluminium core that ensures optimal heating:



1. Select:




  1. 100% Nickel Free Thick Stainless Steel 
  2. Superior pitting resistance compared to ordinary stainless steel
  3. Durable Stainless Steel body + Faster Heating 5mm thick Aluminium sandwich base
  4. Compatible with all cooktops, including induction
  5. Metal utensil safe; Oven and Dishwasher safe
Explore the entire range here 




    2. Meyer Trivantage




    1. Three Layers, Three Benefits: Core of quick and even heating Aluminium sandwiched between 2 layers of 100% safe non-toxic food grade Stainless Steel on one side and induction compatible, magnetic Stainless Steel on the other
    2. 100% Nickel Free Stainless Steel
    3. Faster cooking: than ordinary stainless steel products - Saves fuel and time
    4. Superior pitting resistance compared to ordinary cookware
    Explore the entire range here 



    3. Meyer Centennial




    1. Totally toxin-free stainless steel cookware made WITHOUT nickel.
    2. Thick stainless steel with aluminium core for long-lasting use and durability
    3. Shimmery blue exterior to enhance its overall appearance
    4. Aluminium core for quick heat transfer and even heat retention to save fuel and banish hotspots
    Explore the entire range here 


    Hard Anodized Cookware


    Hard anodized cookware is basically aluminium cookware that is created through the electrochemical process where aluminium is fused together with nonstick coating. This type of cookware is 30 percent harder than stainless steel making it extremely durable.  This type of cookware is generally safe to use as the nonstick coating seals in the aluminium and it can’t react with the food. Whether you are looking for a nonstick kadai or dosa tawa, hard anodized cookware will make your cooking a joyous task.



    Pros Cons
    Priced lower than stainless steel Not compatible with induction cooktops
    Excellent heat conductor Not always safe to use high heat
    The non-stick surface minimises oil uses Comparatively shorter life span
    Even cooking and 
    Very easy to clean



    If you want to use  hard anodised cookware that are suitable for all cooktops, can withstand high temperature and come with a lifetime warranty (eliminating the shorter life span disadvantage), then these are the perfect options for you:



    1. Circulon Origin




    1. World’s best coated cookware with a Lifetime Warranty
    2. Patented Hi-Low food release system
    3. Heavy-gauge, hard-anodized construction makes it twice as hard as stainless-steel for an outstanding durability
    4. Compatible with all cooktops, including induction
        Explore the entire range here 



        2. Circulon Infinite




        1. Exceptionally thick hard-anodized construction with 4mm thickness for durability and even heat distribution
        2. World’s first and exclusive food release technology with total Hi-Low design
        3. Cooks faster, Saves cooking fuel, Energy and Time
        Explore the entire range here 



        3. Meyer Accent




        1. Effortless cleanup and nonstick that lasts for long
        2. Best-in-class cookware with three-layer nonstick finish
        3. 100% safe cookware for incredible cooking

            Explore the entire range here 

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