Circulon Non-Stick + Hard Anodized Aluminium Flat Dosa Tawa, 28 cm - Pots and Pans

₹ 849

Circulon Non-Stick + Hard Anodized Aluminium Flat ...
Sale price ₹ 3,396 ₹ 4,245 (20% OFF)
Circulon Non-Stick + Hard Anodized Aluminium Flat Dosa Tawa, 28 cm - Pots and Pans

₹ 849

Circulon Non-Stick + Hard Anodized Aluminium Flat ...
Sale price ₹ 3,396 ₹ 4,245 (20% OFF)

Circulon Infinite Cookware provides one of the greatest values out there. From its incredibly durable anodized aluminium construction and dishwasher safe design to its distinct ridged cooking surface, this cookware set is unparalleled in terms of quality. This revolutionary product also offers a variety of inventive features like easy-pour edges, locking lids, non-stick surfaces inside and outside as well as the patented hi-lo Circulon system that truly makes it stand apart from the competition!

Cooking becomes a pleasure when you have cookware that is durable, flat, and non-stick! Say goodbye to scratched or warped sets of cookware, because now you can enjoy cooking with new pieces which are also safe for the dishwasher.

Aesthetic Appeal

Circulon Infinite cookware provides an elegant, modern look with their charcoal-gray pans and polished stainless-steel lids. It's stylish enough to go straight from the stovetop to the dinner table - we have received feedback such as infinite does "look great and expensive!" And how can you skip those circles which is the identity of Circulon cookware for such a long time. 

The bottom of each Circulon pan is adorned with a unique and stylish pattern of hi-low concentric circles, not only adding to the aesthetic but also serving as part of its distinctive food release technology. This feature is exclusive to Circulon pans - an incomparable innovation that sets it apart from other cookware options!

Body Construction

Crafted from hard-anodized aluminium and heavy gauge stainless steel, Circulon Infinite pans boast a revolutionary design that makes them stronger and more durable than ever before. The robust non-stick coating ensures the cookware is easy to use while an impact-bonded base encapsulates the thick aluminium core for added resilience. With this superior construction, you can enjoy cooking with confidence!

Featuring aluminium core base, Circulon pans make it fast and easy to prepare meals with even heating that eliminates hot spots.

The magnetic stainless-steel base of Circulon cookware allows for use on all stovetops, including induction. What's more interesting is that Circulon was the very first company to pioneer hard anodized induction cookware!

Exceptional Non-Stick performance 

Circulon cookware is designed to meet the highest cooking standards, aiming to provide avid cooks with a maximum performance non-stick coating. Our advanced 3-layer technology is applied on both sides of the product for durability and convenience in cleaning and making food. Indulge yourself in an effortless cooking experience with Circulon's quality made cookware today.

An exceptional feature of Circulon Infinite cookware is its patented TOTAL® Food Release system, composed of a remarkable “Hi-Low” ring design. This non-stick coating decreases surface abrasion by only permitting parts of food and utensils to come in contact with the pan.

The exceptional food release performance and the longevity of all Circulon pans' non-stick coating will astound you. All our products are designed to provide superior non-stick properties that guaranty maximum durability with every use!

Circulon nonstick cookware is safe for use with metal utensils, but please make sure to read the precautions before doing so. Unlike standard hard-anodized pans, Circulon Infinite also has a special non-stick coating that covers the outer surface of each pan. Thanks to its hard-anodizing process, the Circulon pans won't scratch, chip or stain easily. This also makes them dishwasher safe and easy to clean while preserving their vibrant look for years to come!

Exceptional Heat Conductivity

Aside from its versatility, this cookware stands out with its capacity to conduct heat rapidly and evenly. Every pan in the collection is designed for swift heating of your entire cooking surface, so not only will you save time during meal preparation but also make sure that each dish turns out exactly as intended!

The stainless-steel bases of the Infinite cookware set promote a uniform heat distribution, enabling you to make excellent meals with ease. Many similar sets may promise this feature as well yet fail to deliver on either providing hot spots or becoming too heated quickly. But you don't have to worry about that anymore; The Infinite set is quick and efficient in creating masterful dishes for your family every time! What’s more, this collection is suitable for all cooking ranges. Resistant to temperatures up to 240 ), it can be used on ceramic, glass, or induction cooktops and in ovens! That impressive capability gives you the choice of using just your oven if desired - but also allows you to sear on the stovetop before finishing off your dish later. Not only that; with these pieces, keeping food warm while assembling other elements of a meal is within reach too!

Keep this in mind when you cook

To maximize the life of your Circulon Infinite cookware, we recommend using silicone or nylon during cooking – although it could be safe to use metal utensils.

Our Circulon pans are built with superior heat conductivity, so low or medium temperatures should be used to get the best results. High heat can easily lead to food sticking and other undesirable outcomes, thus it is not recommended for use.

To ensure that your non-stick pans last for years, be sure to wash them after each use. Not only will this keep it free from lingering food residue, but also prevent any damage done by the build-up of that debris over time. While dishwasher safe, hand washing is always recommended - why not make a great thing even better?

High Low Grooves

One of the most common inquiries people have, is whether food will get lodged between the pan's grooves? Fortunately, these ridges safeguard the non-stick surface and make sure that nothing sticks to it!

Perfect Handles

Ergonomic Handles

Constructed of hollow cast stainless steel, the handles of these pans are securely fastened to their bases. The company guarantees that the handle will remain cool on the stovetop; however, there have been several reports claiming otherwise that you might feel the heat but certainly not going to burn your hands.

Heavy Duty Steel Lids

Durable Heavy Duty Steel Lids

Constructed with a durable, heavy-weight stainless steel, these lids boast an impressive look that fits snuggly over the edges of your cookware.

Minimal cleaning efforts

Easy to Clean

Crafted with superior non-stick coating both on the inside and outside, Circulon pans are a breeze to clean. An easy clean-up process is only further enhanced by their dishwasher compatibility; one user even said that these pans “require no work” in terms of maintenance, making them perfect for those with busy lives!

Oven Safe

Absolutely! Our Circulon Infinite cookware is designed to withstand temperatures up to 240C in the oven.

Dishwasher Friendly

Absolutely. The non-stick coating used in Circulon pans is incredibly durable and applied to both the inside and outside, making these pans dishwasher safe. 

Induction Friendly

Absolutely! Except the Tawas aren't. 

What about warranty?

Yes, Lifetime warranty

A cookware that won’t disappoint you 


The Circulon Infinite Set is truly remarkable, as it outperforms all other cookware sets in every area - durability, style, and usability! Not to mention it even has the added benefit of being highly versatile compared to other premium sets. Are you searching for a set that packs a punch? Look no further than the Circulon Infinite Cookware. For aspiring home cooks who want their pans to do most of the heavy lifting, this is one of the ultimate collections. Whether you prefer cooking savoury or sweet dishes and whatever your style may be - there's something here for everyone!