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Top 5 cookware brands in India that you can trust

Top 5 cookware brands in India that you can trust


The best utensils to cook nutritious meals and stay healthy


Food is considered sacred in our country and we love to feed our family and guests with meals that are created with a lot of care and our time. A great meal not only requires the best ingredients and recipes but also great cookware. A high-quality cookware can really have a positive effect on not only the taste of your food but also its nutritional value. The best cookware with zero toxins and 100% durability can bring a significant change in your cooking and lifestyle.

A good cookware essentially has all of these features.


Reduce cooking time:
So, that you can spend more time with your friends and family
Save energy & fuel:
Help you conserve fuel and help you from unnecessarily spending time cooking food
Even cooking:
A good cookware eliminates hot spot and promotes even cooking with its all-around heat distribution
A branded cookware tends to last longer and also come with easy-to-use warranty
More importantly, a top-selling pan is 100% safe with no chemicals or unsafe material that can hamper your health.


A good quality cookware, in nutshell, can enhance your cooking experience and help you cook easily at home without any hassles.
Therefore, it is imperative to invest in good quality cookware from popular cookware brands. These are the top 5 cookware brands in India that you can completely trust. These top brands have received global recognitions for their excellent design and functionality along with all required certifications for food authorities. Pots and pans from these bands will certainly make your meals an element of joy, bonding and wellness.

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2. Centennial

Made with 100% Nickel Free Thick Stainless Steel with NO nickel or any harmful chemicals, this is the best stainless steel cookware brand in India. It has no PTFE, PFOA or BPA that might leach into your food. The stainless-steel interior offers a smooth, non-porous and hard surface for hassle-free cooking & cleaning. The stainless steel cookware range features a shimmery blue exterior that adds a pop of colour to your kitchen and breaks the monotony of black & silver utensils! The best thing is that you can use any metal spatula or accessories without the fear of scratch or dent.

Includes: Kadai & Frypan in different sizes 

Price starts at: INR 2,355

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3. Merlot


A non-stick cookware range that is unlike other cookware in class, look and performance. With a real diamond-dusted interior, Merlot offers you a cookware range that ranks high on appearance and durability.  This is the best non-stick cookware range that is all about performance. It has a ridged & dimpled ‘Square-Dot Pattern’ that offers smooth food release, which means that the food does not stick to the surface and at the same time offers protection from abrasions caused by spatula. Approved by international regulatory bodies like US FDA and EFSA, totally toxin-free and PFOA-free, Merlot is the best nonstick brand for you and your family. 

Price Starts at: INR 1575
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4. Select


Meyer Select is the safest and the strongest stainless-steel cookware in India. Featuring a fully encapsulated impact bonded base and layered with aluminium core inside and stainless-steel protector outside, it ensures consistent and even heat distribution, thus completely banishing ‘hot spots'. Enriched with high grade, durable Stainless Steel from Japan, this cookware is 100% safe and 100% durable, making it one of the best stainless-steel brand 2022.

Price Starts at: INR 2175  

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5. Anzen

Anzen is a great combination of quality, style, and performance for your daily kitchen needs. Reviving the ancient magic of Japanese well-being, Anzen is the original ‘green’ ceramic cookware made with natural materials – Natural ‘Silica + Oxygen’ coating.


This is the best ceramic cookware in India that looks attractive and also helps you cook incredible recipes for your loved ones.  The ‘Always Stay Cool’handles are created using silicon-based technology, giving you a safe handling experience without fear of injuries. Oven safe as well as dishwasher safe- Anzen is the perfect fusion of innovation, clever design as well as safety.

The Anzen range includes frypan, sauteuse and kadhai or wok.
Prices Start at: INR 1875 

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1. Will these cookware work on induction?
- Yes, most of these cookware are suitable for all cooktops including induction.
2. Are they dishwasher safe?
- Yes, these premium cookware are dishwasher safe to offer you a higher level of comfort.


3. Are these cookware safe?
- 100% safe & certified. They have no PTFE, PFOA, Lead, Cadmium, Nickel, Arsenic, or other harmful properties.  


4. Do they have a warranty?
- Yes. They have a warranty period from 1+1 year to lifetime.  
5. Can you buy them online?
- Yes. You can order them easily from


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