Enamel Coated Cast Iron vs Uncoated Seasoned Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware in India has always held a special place and we can all remember this beloved cookware range used by our mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen. It is true that for a few years, cast iron lost its popularity as non-stick cookware became a norm but now it has made a comeback and not just in India.

So now that you have decided to begin your culinary journey with cast iron cookware you might be feeling a bit lost, given the choices you have. These days cast iron cookware with ceramic coating or enamel coating is also gaining popularity along with the trusted old bare cast iron cookware. So, which one will you choose? Let us help you by providing key features as well as comparable benefits and key differences that can help you make your choice easier.

Uncoated Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

Uncoated Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

Bare cast iron as several advantages as compared to cast iron cookware with enamel coating. The most important being that it adds iron to your food. Cast iron is also:

  • Naturally non-stick – If your pan is seasoned regularly and properly, nothing can compare to the non-stick quality of cast iron.

  • Extremely durable – Your regular cast iron is very strong and sturdy unlike cast iron cookware with a ceramic coating that will require a bit of care.

  • More affordable – As compared to the enamel or ceramic coated options, bare cast iron is much more affordable.

  • Versatile use – Bare cast iron can easily be used on a stovetop, oven as well as the grill. Moreover, the new Meyer cast iron cookware with glass lids is also gaining popularity in the market for its sleek look.

Cast Iron Cookware with Enamel Coating

Cast Iron Cookware with Enamel Coating

The best advantage of a cast iron cookware with porcelain coating or enamel coating is that it prevents the cookware from rusting. Other features of coated cast iron are:

  • No seasoning required – They do not require any seasoning which is a must with bare cast iron.

  • You can cook anything – Acidic food is usually not advised in bare cast iron cookware; this is not a problem with the enamel version where you can cook anything.

  • Comes in a variety of colours – Bare cast iron looks typically the same but enamel range comes in a variety of beautiful colours.

  • Pricey as compared to regular cast iron – Enameled cast iron cookware is way more expensive than regular cast iron.

  • Very fragile – Unlike your bare cast iron, the enamel can be damaged if you drop or bang it. Moreover, the inside of the pan can get chipped if you use metal tongs or turners.

  • Cannot be preheated - You cannot preheat an empty cast iron cookware with enamel coating, unlike the regular cast iron that can easily be preheated to searing heat. The enamel can get damaged if preheated too hot.

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