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Is Cast Iron Cookware Safe? Find out!

Why use cast iron cookware? If this question is plaguing you because you really want to buy that gleaming black Meyer cast iron skillet but have no idea about the range, then do not worry we will give you a brief look into the cooking range with the pros as well as cons of cast iron cookware, so that you have a clear idea before you go shopping. 


Pros of cast iron cookware

- When seasoned properly, cast iron is great non-stick cookware
- With great thermal density, this cookware remains hotter for longer
- Improve iron intake in your diet – It releases a little iron into your meals ad supplements the body’s daily requirement
- Lasts forever – Yes, sometimes it is known to outlive the owner
- Versatile - Cast iron can be used for:
- Frying
- Baking
- Searing
- Roasting
- Slow cooking
- Sautéing
- Outdoor or camping trips

    You can easily use cast iron cookware on:
    - Gas stove
    - Electric stove
    - Induction
    - Wood burning stoves
    - Barbecues, hot coals and campfires


    Disadvantages of cast iron cookware

    - The handle can get really hot which means you need to handle them with care
    - Cast iron is extremely heavy and not everyone finds that comfortable
    - This cookware range is not advised for boiling water and cooking acidic foods
    - Needs to be re-seasoned to keep in shape
    - Takes longer to heat up
    - Cast iron is really strong so be careful not to drop it

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