5 key factors to consider before buying a cookware

5 key factors to consider before buying a cookware


Cooking is an art perfected through the use of the right set of cookware. Select the best cookware for your kitchen and cooking, and master the culinary art.

Choosing a cookware or a cookware set for your new home or to replace your old cookware is not as easy as you think, especially when you want to make a wise, prudent and healthy choice! Market is flooded with numerous brands, every brand claiming their excellence and clamouring for your attention. In addition, there are different materials making the choice all the more difficult. With all these choices and confusion, how do you select the best cookware for your kitchen?


The first answer to this is “Know exactly what you want!”



Also, the support of additional information about the different cookware and the right brand will also help you. So, here’s presenting you a brief of the most basic factors that you need to keep in your mind when you venture out (or in today’s time make that final click in your mobile or laptop) to buy pots and pans:


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1. Cookware Material 



There are basically 5 types of cookware, each with its merits and demerits- stainless steel cookware, ceramic cookware, non-stick cookware, cast iron cookware and aluminium cookware.


2. Thickness matters: While material is imperative, the other thing to consider is the thickness or gauge of the cookware. A high-quality cookware with a thick base will promote and propel better heat conductivity, necessary for even and quick cooking.


3. Always choose high-quality cookware: Though the cheap cookware looks tentative with all its promise of excellent cooking at a marginally low rate, when it comes to performance it will prove to be a complete disaster. Cookware brands that have been certified for their excellence and have proven their merits over a period of time should be preferred. Thus, always buy high-quality cookware for your kitchen.


4. Value for money: A great cookware should be durable, should have good heat conductivity, should be easy to use and maintain, should not react with food and alter its flavour and should be sturdy.


5. Aesthetics: Your cookware can be and should be a part of your kitchen décor. Ensure that the colour and the structure of your cookware uplifts the look of your kitchen, adding new dimensions to it.


We hope you are ready to buy the new piece of cookware that will last forever. Before making that final purchase don’t forget to read about the top 5 cookware brands in India that you can trust!”



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