Best Value Colourful Cookware for Indian Kitchens

Black and silver are the prominent hues that dominant the world of your kitchen, often creating an abject boredom. Time to get out of this two-dimensional shade and embrace the blue vibrancy of Centennial.The new cookware range that offers the best combination of unmatchable strength and shine will certainly add a splash of colour to your kitchen and a stroke of brilliance to your cooking.


Pots and Pans introduces a versatile stainless steel cookware range with bright, shimmery blue exterior!

Made with 100% Nickel Free Thick Stainless Steel with NO nickel or any harmful chemicals, the Centennial is 100% safe for your cooking. It has no PTFE, PFOA or BPA that might leach into your food and hinder your wellbeing. The stainless-steel interior offers smooth, non-porous and hard surface for hassle-free cooking & extremely easy cleaning. The sturdy stainless steel interior makes your cooking completely safe while also giving you a long-term protection against pitting. You can also cook your food without the fear of flavour alteration that you mostly associate with aluminium and non-stick cookware. Centennial doesn’t impact the flavour of food as it doesn’t leach off any metallic properties into food. Centennial also has a thick aluminium core that not only propels quick heat transfer and even heat distribution, but it can also sustain extremely high temperature without wrapping. So, sear the meat to obtain the golden glory without any apprehension. Your food will have the perfect searing and absolute winning flavour.

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Cooking often induces unwanted burns and accidents. Therefore this range comes with stay cool handles clasped with silicone for soft grip. You can comfortably hold the handles while lifting or transferring the cooking vessel. It has stainless steel rivets that adds to its strength and prevents building of grime.

In fact, owing to its radiant shade you can also use the vessel to serve food in the dining table. The beautiful colour of the cookware range will certainly get approval of your guests.

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