Big Dosa Tawa For Easy And Quick Cooking

Big Dosa Tawa For Easy And Quick Cooking

A big dosa tawa, also known as a large dosa pan or a jumbo dosa tawa, is a type of flat cooking pan specifically designed for making dosas and other flatbreads on a larger scale. It is larger in size compared to standard-sized dosa tawas, with a wider cooking surface, allowing for the preparation of bigger dosas and more dosas at once


Key Features Of A Big Dosa Tawa

Larger Cooking Surface: The big dosa tawa has a broader and more extensive cooking surface, providing ample space to cook multiple dosas simultaneously or prepare larger dosas.


Even Heat Distribution: Similar to regular-sized dosa tawas, big dosa tawas are designed to ensure even heat distribution, ensuring that dosas cook uniformly and achieve the desired texture.


Material: Big dosa tawas can be made from various materials, including cast iron, aluminum, or non-stick coated material, offering different advantages and user preferences.


Versatility: While specifically designed for dosas, a big dosa tawa can also be used to cook other flatbreads like uttapams, pancakes, parathas, and more in larger quantities.


Benefits of a Big Dosa Tawa

A big dosa tawa, or a large-sized dosa pan, offers several benefits due to its increased size and capacity. Here are some advantages of using a big dosa tawa:

  1. Cooking Efficiency: Because of the bigger cooking surface of a big dosa tawa, it is possible to cook numerous dosas at the same time. This improves both the efficiency of the cooking process and the overall amount of time spent cooking, which is especially beneficial when making dosas for a larger number of people.
  2. Serving Multiple People: With a big dosa tawa, you can easily cook dosas to serve multiple people simultaneously, making it convenient for family meals, gatherings, or parties.
  3. Consistent Heat Distribution: Just like regular-sized tawas, big dosa tawas are designed to provide even heat distribution. This ensures that all dosas cook uniformly, maintaining consistent texture and taste.
  4. Versatility: A big dosa tawa is not limited to just dosas. Its larger size allows you to cook other flatbreads, such as uttapams, pancakes, and parathas, in larger quantities.
  5. Time-Saving: Since you can cook more dosas at once, a big dosa tawa saves time and effort, especially when preparing breakfast or meals for a large family.
  6. Ideal for Parties and Events: When hosting gatherings, celebrations, or events, a big dosa tawa becomes particularly useful in cooking dosas for a crowd, allowing you to cater to the guests efficiently.
  7. Commercial Use: A big dosa tawa is an essential piece of equipment for any commercial food company that needs to meet high demand and cook dosas quickly and effectively in large quantities. This includes hotels, restaurants, catering services, and any other business that serves food to customers.
  8. Perfect for Festival Cooking: During festivals or special occasions when you need to prepare food for a large number of people, a big dosa tawa simplifies the cooking process.
  9. Outdoor Cooking: When cooking outdoors or during picnics with a group, a big dosa tawa allows you to prepare dosas for everyone without much effort.
  10. Convenient for Bulk Preparation: If you like to prepare dosa batter in large quantities and store it, a big dosa tawa allows you to efficiently use the batter without excessive time spent on cooking.

Overall, a big dosa tawa is a valuable addition to the kitchen, especially if you frequently cook dosas for multiple people or have the need to prepare dosas in larger quantities. Its efficiency, convenience, and versatility make it a practical tool for various cooking scenarios. 


Big Dosa Tawa- Non Stick

Meyer Premium Non-Stick (4mm Thick)28cm Flat Dosa Tawa, Orange

Product Dimensions

Diameter: 30 cm

Length (handle to handle) : 49.50 cm

Overall Product Height: 5.20 cm

Thickness: 0.4 cm

Weight (Kilograms): 0.95



  1. PFOA & Toxin-Free Non-stick coating.
  2. Dosa Tawa is made without flat edges so you can get the best results when cooking dosa.
  3. The big area without edges lets you make a very large dosa or a lot of uttapam or cutlets at once.
  4. You can cook like a pro with a high-quality pan that heats up quickly and heats evenly every time.
  5. It can be used on gas, electric, clay, halogen and induction stoves in homes.


Big Dosa Tawa- Cast Iron

Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Flat Dosa Tawa, 28 Cm, Black

Product Dimensions

Diameter : 28cm

Length (handle to handle) : 49cm

Thickness : 0.4cm

Weight (Kilograms): 2.5


  1. Made from pure iron ore so you can cook safely and healthily.
  2. Does not have any coatings that could be harmful.
  3. Heavy gauge design gives this big dosa tawa more thickness and makes it last longer.
  4. The dosa tawa is versatile and easy to use. It comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil and can be used for cooking outside, over a campfire, or in direct touch with flames.
  5. The two handles are ergonomically made to make cooking easy.
  6. It can be used on all cooktops, even induction.


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