Black mustard seeds - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Black mustard seeds - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Types of mustard seeds:


The mustard plant has big leaves with hair-like structures on their stems, but the stem itself is smooth. Depending on how healthy the soil is, this plant can get as tall as 0.85 m to 2.4 m. The mustard plant's flowering season starts in May. There are four yellow petals on each flower. The sepals that cover flower buds are half as long as the flower petals. When the flower is fully grown, it makes seeds.


Mustard seeds are grown in forty different species all over the world. There, many people use three different kinds of mustard seeds. They're


Brassica nigra 

Grown in some parts of North Africa, Europe, and Asia. Compared to other seeds, black mustard seeds are small and very strong. They are hard, round seeds that have had their seed coats taken off. At first, they are dark brown, but when they are fully grown, they turn black.


Brassica juncea 

It is also called Indian mustard, Chinese mustard, and Oriental mustard. There are many kinds of brown mustard seeds. The colour of the seed coat can range from dark brown to dark yellow. The same thing is true of both Brassica Juncea and B.nigra, but brown mustard is not as strong as black mustard.


Sinapis alba

The seeds of the white mustard plant are used to grow yellow mustard. It is not very similar to the other two types of mustard seeds that are popular. The seeds of the white mustard plant are light brown. The seeds are a little bit bigger and less pungent than brown mustard seeds. When you add turmeric to white mustard, the seeds turn a dark yellow colour.


Health benefits of black mustard seeds:

Black mustard seeds are a good home remedy for toothaches, neck pain, snake and scorpion bites, wounds, Seizure disorder, breathing problems, and rheumatism. On the surface of the skin, it works well as an anti-inflammatory medicine. Mustard seed is good for your health and has some healing properties.


  • Improve your heart health

Black mustard seeds have a lot of minerals in them, like iron, copper, magnesium, and selenium, which help treat high blood pressure and keep it from getting worse. Heart patients should use black mustard oil. When you think about people with heart disease, mustard oil is the best alternative to other oils. Mustard helps keep cholesterol levels in check, which lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.

  • Improving Metabolism

Metabolism is made up of two main things that happen at the same time. One is anabolism, which builds body tissues and stores energy. The other is catabolism, which breaks down body tissues and releases energy. There are nutrients in black mustard seeds that help your body use energy more efficiently.


  • Helps in Food Digestion

The most important part of metabolism is digestion, which is where complex molecules are broken down and energy is released. Black mustard seeds are full of fibres that help the body digest food better. It will make bowel movements better, which will improve the body's metabolism as a whole.


Mustard seeds are great for the health of your gut and stomach. If you have trouble with your digestive system for a long time, you might want to eat more mustard seeds.


  • Slowing the growth of cancer cells

There are certain things in black mustard seed, like glucosinolates and myrosinase. These compounds use phytochemicals to stop cancer cells from growing and forming. Selenium is an antioxidant that is found in mustard seeds. Selenium stops cancer cells from growing and also acts as a great defence against cancer cells. Mustard seeds can protect the body's tissues from carcinogens because they are chemopreventive.


  • Rheumatoid arthritis can be lessened.

Black mustard seed is the best way to treat rheumatoid arthritis because it has a lot of selenium and magnesium in it. When our immune system makes a mistake, it can cause rheumatism. The immune system sends the antibody around the bone and joint tissue by mistake. The antibody then attacks the tissue, which causes arthritis.


  • Getting rid of different headaches

Migraine is a type of headache that makes the head feel like it is pulsing. When compared to headaches, it is a very big problem. The magnesium in the black mustard seed can help with both migraines and headaches. Magnesium will calm our nervous system and give it a boost. So head pain and stress are taken away.


  • Treats Respiration Congestion

Black mustard seeds cure congestion problems in the respiration system. Minerals like copper, magnesium, iron, and selenium present in black mustard seeds play a major role in curing Asthma. Also, mustard seed helps in decreasing mucus formation in the lungs which is the major reason for breathing problems.


  • Treats Fever, Cold & Back Pain

The minerals present in the black mustard seed gives you relief from cough or cold. Isothiocyanates present in the mustard seed treat spasms and back pain. Black mustard seeds initiate sweating, thereby fever gets decreased. Removing toxins from the body is an important thing to improve the performance of the body organs.


  • Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

Consuming blood sugar-lowering medicines with mustard tea may lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes patients when compared to consuming medicine alone.


  • Protect Against Psoriasis

Black mustard seed may treat inflammation, irregular or abnormal change in tissue due to psoriasis as per animal test studies.


  • Strengthen Bones, Teeth, & Gums

Mustard seeds possess medicinal properties such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that improve oral health by treating pains gum, bones, teeth infections, and pain. The mineral selenium is an enriched source for your bone health. They also strengthen your nails and hair.


  • Fight Against Skin Infection

Black mustard seeds contain large quantities of sulphur content. Sulphur has antifungal properties that help you to get rid of skin infections like rashes, redness, etc. Skin infection will irritate yourself and may cause mental issues.

  •  Helps in Removing Odour Spices, Masala, or other ingredients in a container cause a bad smell on kitchen shelves or fridge. Those unpleasant smells can be removed using black mustard seeds. Add a small quantity of warm water and mustard seed paste into the jar. Shake the container well, pour it out and now unwanted smell goes out from the container.


  • Relieves Muscle Pain

Add a small amount of black mustard seed powder in a tub full of warm water, then soak yourself in that water. It will relieve yourself from stiff and painful muscles.


  • Black Mustard Seeds for Skin and Hair:


Black mustard seed powder can be used to naturally scrub the surface of your skin. Mix the powdered black mustard seed with rose water or another essential oil. Scrub your body with this mixture. It gets rid of dead skin or skin you don't want on your skin's surface.


When you put a paste made of black mustard seed powder and aloe vera gel on your skin, it gets hydrated. It will make your skin look great by getting rid of all the dirt and oil on the surface. During the winter, your skin gets dry, so it's important to keep your face moist.


Mustard seeds help keep your skin moist in a big way. The anti-inflammatory properties of black mustard seeds help to reduce swelling and acne on the skin's surface.


  • Slows down the ageing process

Every living thing goes through a process of ageing that can't be stopped. If you eat black mustard seeds every day, you can slow down this process. Black mustard seeds are full of carotene, antioxidants like lutein, and vitamins A, C, and K, all of which help humans age more slowly.


  • Getting hair to grow faster

Mustard seeds are used to make mustard oils. Mustard seeds have vitamin A, which makes hair follicles work and makes hair grow quickly. Black mustard seed oils contain vitamins A and E, protein, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and omega-6 fatty acids, which strengthen your hair from the root up and stop hair loss.


  • Works as a natural conditioner for hair

Fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6, and others are found in black mustard seed oil. When you put it on your hair, it feels shiny and full. It will make your hair feel like it has been deeply conditioned.


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