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Cluster Beans – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Cluster Beans – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Cluster beans, also known as Gavar, are a simple vegetable. It used to be found in the wild, but now it's often found as food. They can also be used to grow plants. It grows in semiarid places where it rains often and regularly. It has been around for a long time, but it's too bad that not many people know how good it is for your health.


Cluster beans have all the health benefits that make for a good and healthy body. Cluster beans can help make your bones stronger and keep your heart healthy by controlling how much blood it pumps. This makes it possible to keep your blood pressure under control, among other things. With the number of people getting the deadly disease diabetes going up all over the world, cluster beans are a great way to keep blood sugar levels in check.




What are cluster beans? 

Cluster beans are called "Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba" in the scientific world. It is a legume and the only place where guar gum can be found. Guar gum is made from beans called cluster beans. Guar gum is known for its ability to thicken and stabilise food. It has been used in the food industry for many years.


Cluster beans are popular in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and other places. It was thought to have come from a species in Africa called Cyamopsis Senegalensis. People call it Gavar, Guwar, or Guvar bean. In some places, it is also called chawnli, which is the Hindi word for it.



Nutritional profile of cluster beans:

  1. Cluster bean is good for your heart because it has a lot of fibre. It also helps keep your digestive system in good shape.
  2. It also has vitamin C, which strengthens bones and teeth.
  3. Folic acid is very important for women who want to get pregnant.



Culinary use of cluster beans:

People eat tender cluster beans curry-style, steamed, boiled, or fried. These beans are related to green beans, but they are smaller and flatter than green beans. Cluster beans, unlike green beans, have a slightly bitter taste that can be tamed by adding grated coconut, tamarind, or jaggery when cooking. Guar gum is made from dried cluster bean seeds that have been ground up. Instead of gelatin, this flour is used to thicken cheese,  ice cream, and sauces.



Health benefits of cluster beans:

  1. Cluster beans are great for gut health because they have a lot of fibre. They help us move our bowels, get rid of constipation, and get rid of toxins from our bodies.
  2. Cluster beans have a lot of iron in a form that can be dissolved in water. Iron makes our blood flow better and lowers our risk of getting anaemia.
  3. Guar beans have  vitamins A, C, K, and folates. These vitamins have antioxidant properties, slow down damage caused by ageing, boost the immune system, and help the body work.
  4. Cluster beans have phytonutrients, which help control blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of a sudden rise in blood sugar. So, if you have diabetes, you should eat this green vegetable to keep it under control.
  5. There are a lot of fibres and potassium in cluster beans. They are low in fat and calories and high in protein from plants. They lower cholesterol, keep blood flowing through the vessels, keep blood pressure at a healthy level, and improve the health of the heart.
  6. The minerals calcium and phosphorus in guar beans make bones stronger and improve bone health.
  7. Folates and other vitamins are found in large amounts in cluster beans. Since they have most of the vitamins you need every day and help the baby grow in the womb, they are very good for pregnant women to eat.
  8. Cluster beans have a lot of antioxidants, which fight oxidative damage and lower the risk of chronic diseases like Crohn's disease, IBS, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many types of cancer.
  9. Cluster beans are helpful when there is a lot of stress and tension because they have many vitamins and are low in sugar. They also calm the irritated nerves in our brains and help a fetus's brain grow and develop.



Precautions to take with cluster beans:

Women who are pregnant or nursing should be careful

Cluster beans can be eaten by women who are pregnant or who are nursing as long as they don't eat too many. But try not to eat too many cluster beans or other vegetables.


Care for the elderly

Cluster beans have a lot of fibre. So, older people shouldn't eat too many cluster beans, since they can cause stomach pain and gas. 


Children should be careful

Children should only eat cluster beans when their parents show them how. Kids shouldn't eat too many cluster beans at once.


Also, if you want to use cluster beans for their health benefits, you should talk to your doctor or nurse about any precautions you might need to take. It will help you avoid effects you don't want.


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