Gulvel - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Gulvel - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts


The medicinal plant gulvel, also known as Giloy, has several beneficial qualities. Its scientific name is Tinospora cordifolia, and it is a member of the Menispermaceae family. It is a shrub that is generally known in Sanskrit as "Guduchi."


The plant bears greenish-yellow flowers and leaves in the shape of hearts. Gulvel is a plant that thrives in tropical and subtropical areas of the world, particularly in Asia and Africa. The root, stem, and leaf (aerial section) of the plant are among the plant components from which extracts are utilised in traditional medicine.


Gulvel or giloy enhances digestion and addresses bowel-related issues. By combining Gulvel powder and amla, we can use it to relieve constipation. Diabetes problems can be solved for those who have them by employing a homemade recipe for giloy. Giloy juice is a miracle cure for high blood sugar.


Since the dawn of time, Gulvel has been utilised as an adaptogenic herb. As it removes toxins and improves our memory, it has been shown to be particularly effective for lowering mental tension and worry.


Another benefit of Gulvel is that it aids in the reduction of issues like cough, cold, and tonsils. Boiling the powder from the Giloy stem in milk and ingesting it can help elderly persons with joint pain problems. Asthma makes it challenging to address ailments including tightness in the chest, breathlessness, wheezing, etc. Gulvel's root can be chewed and its juice can be consumed to treat these patients' issues.


In addition to all of these benefits, Giloy plants can be administered topically to the eyes to improve eyesight opacity. Giloy has anti-ageing characteristics that are said to be useful for brightening the skin, therefore we can use it to diminish dark spots, zits, and wrinkles.

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Health benefits of Gulvel: 

  1. Immunomodulator

The phagocytic activity of macrophages, our body's first line of defence and an essential component of both innate (nonspecific) and adaptive (specific) immunity, is increased by Tinospora cordifolia, also known as Giloy or Gulvel. Additionally, it noticeably increases cytokine production, interleukin-6 (IL-6) up-regulation, and the antigen-specific recall response.



  1. Antioxidant

Tinospora cordifolia's capacity to scavenge free radicals is attributed to the presence of flavonoids and polyphenols. Gulvel is a source of nutraceuticals that reduce oxidative stress and aid in the prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative diseases, all of which have positive effects on one's health.


  1. Anti-inflammatory

It lessens arthritis-related joint pain and inflammation by reducing the production of proinflammatory cytokines like IL-1, IL-17, and tumour necrosis factor-a.

  1. Anti-osteoporotic:

 The osteoblast development, differentiation of cells into osteoblastic lineage, and mineralization of bone matrix are all improved by the anti-osteoporotic Tinospora cordifolia or Gulvel.

  1. Anti-hepatotoxic

Because it may scavenge free ROS and encourage liver regeneration, Gulvel is considered as a powerful hepatoprotective agent. Giloy also boosts glutathione (GSH) levels and helps the liver cleanse the body of toxic waste.


  1. Cardioprotective Agents

Through the inhibition of glucuronide and cholesterol Gulvel regulates lipid metabolism and, thanks to its antioxidant capabilities, guards the heart from infarction.


  1. Neuroprotective

Significant neuroprotective activity is present in Gulvel, which regulates the brain's antioxidant enzyme system and maintains the dopaminergic neurons. Giloy also improves cognition (memory and learning) by boosting the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.


  1. Antidiabetic

Giloy functions as a hypoglycemic agent by causing the pancreas to secrete more insulin, which lowers blood sugar levels. Gulvel also increases long-term cellular insulin sensitivity, which aids in effective diabetes management.


  1. Prevent respiratory diseases

Traditional medicine has favoured Gulvel to cure conditions like bronchitis and chronic cough. Due to its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, it calms the respiratory system's mucous membrane and is therefore particularly useful in treating respiratory conditions like tonsils, cough, and colds.


  1. Age-defying

Gulvel is a powerful anti-aging herb. Rich in flavonoids, it promotes the formation of new cells and prevents cell deterioration. In order to lessen the telltale signs of ageing, it also nourishes the skin and boosts collagen formation.




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