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I-Day Dish for Kids and Everyone Else!

Arpit was stubborn. Now, that would be the understatement of the year. He was finically, frantically stubborn. When his demands were not filled, he used to wail unless a neighbor knocked at the door wondering if the 3-year-old child was well and his parents had to succumb to his constantly changing whims. Not surprisingly, running a marathon was easier than feeding him. One had to bribe him, threaten him, plead and beg him and run after him balancing his plate, glass, spoon, and phone in one’s hand to put the humble morsel inside his mouth. Moreover, he was very selective and specific about his food choice. No rice, no grains, and no greens. Simple. So, the upcoming family gathering on Independence Day was looming as a big challenge for Nidhi. Everyone wanted to gorge on “desi khana” to embrace the spirit of patriotism. Her theme for the day was tri-color, as it had to be; so she was planning to prepare colorful rice, idlis, dhoklas, paneer and so on. But she didn’t want to raise the ire of darling son on the special day.

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