Kashmiri saffron - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Kashmiri saffron - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Every Kashmiri household has saffron, also known as "kesar," which is a wonder spice that holds a particular place in our hearts. The Kashmiri kitchen cannot live without this spice, which can be used to season kheer, added to pulav for its distinctive flavour, or boiled in tea for perfume.


It is referred to as the most expensive and delicate spice in the world since it must be gathered by hand and is referred to as "kong posh" in Kashmiri. In Pampore, a small town in Kashmir, the "golden spice" is extensively grown.


Although Kashmiri saffron is a distinctive spice that may be found in India, few people are aware that it is also widely used in the Arab world. The beautiful colour, flavour, and perfume of Kashmiri saffron have earned it a reputation that spans thousands of years. Saffron gets its name from the Arabic word "Zafaran," which means "golden," because it was once thought to come from the crocus' golden pods.


The stigmas of the crocus flower are used to make the thin, pale yellow-orange powder known as Kashmiri saffron. Because of its mild sweetness, it is also known as Kashmir saffron and is frequently used in Indian cuisine.


Kashmiri saffron can be easily acquired whole and freshly picked at several local markets and online businesses, despite the fact that it is frequently seen in Indian kitchens in its powdered form.


Saffron is highly prized and precious for usage in food for flavour and scent as well as health nourishment and medicine due to its exceptional healthful ingredients.


It is made from the blossoms of the "Crocus Sativa" plant, which blooms primarily in the autumn in a select number of well-known locations around the world, including Kashmir, Iran, Greece, Spain, and Italy.

Kashmir Saffron: Truly High-Quality


India is fortunate  to have big saffron flowering plants in the Kashmir region, which supplies the highest grade saffron both locally and globally. Kashmir saffron is a truly high-quality spice.


Why Is Kashmir Saffron so expensive?

The fact that just three stigmas are produced by each bloom contributes to its high price (threads of saffron). As a result, 75,000 blossoms are required to produce just 1 pound of saffron.


In addition, it is entirely hand-harvested is another factor in its high cost. As a result, this process requires a sizable workforce, which raises the cost.


What gives saffron its flavour, aroma, and colour?

These results are caused by specific chemical substances:


  • The crocin in saffron is what gives it its colour.
  • Saffron taste is caused by picrocrocin.
  • The fragrant component of saffron is safranal.

Health benefits of Kashmiri Saffron:


  • Treats Insomnia - People who suffer from insomnia have problems falling or staying asleep. Not only can saffron improve your sleep, but it can also lengthen your nighttime naps.
  • Digestive health is improved thanks to its antioxidant capabilities, which may surprise you. It is also well recognised to treat excessive flatulence brought on by a poor lifestyle.

  • Relief from premenstrual symptoms - Premenstrual syndrome symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, headaches, and pain are significantly alleviated by saffron. Additionally, the stress hormone cortisol is known to be reduced by the smell of saffron.

  • Prevents Alzheimer’s disease- Did you know that saffron, scientifically known as Crocus sativus, can help fight age-related Alzheimer's disease? Due to its potential to prevent the buildup of a specific protein in the human brain, it may be helpful in the treatment of mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's.

  • Relief from toothaches - Saffron has been used for pain relief since ancient times, but did you know it can also aid with gum pain? Additionally, applying some honey and saffron to the tooth that is hurting will help reduce discomfort.

  • Great for skin- It may do wonders for your skin, giving it a healthy glow. Saffron blended with milk and sandalwood in a face mask will give your skin a healthy glow. Additionally, twice weekly facial massages with saffron-infused water can aid in achieving fairer skin.

  • Improves memory and mood - In addition to elevating the mood, it contains anti-depressant qualities. According to a study on behavioural and brain science, saffron extract raises dopamine levels, or "feel-good" hormones, in the brain, making one happy.

  • improves pregnancy health - Pregnant ladies can also profit from this herb's miraculous characteristics. Saffron milk aids in normal, healthy births. But women should be cautious about ingesting it in excess.


  • Combats cancer- It may help kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells in the body, yet there isn't enough data to conclusively say that it prevents cancer. Additionally, it might promote the production of white blood cells, which defend the body from infections of any kind.

  • Enhances libido: Both men and women can benefit from taking foods or supplements that are aphrodisiacs, or substances that increase libido. Saffron use may dramatically enhance male erectile function and increase female overall happiness.


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