Malabar Nut - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Malabar Nut - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Malabar Nut, also known as vasaka, is an ayurvedic plant that grows in the Sub-Himalayan area, facilitates breathing and is particularly helpful for persons suffering from asthma and bronchitis. This vasaka herb's liquid extract is full of particular compounds that ease chest congestion and open up breathing tubes. Malabar Nut also has antihistamine properties and is used to treat colds and coughs.



Malabar Nut’s plant description:


Malabar Nut is a tall, herbaceous evergreen shrub with a dense appearance brought on by its numerous climbing branches that grow on opposite sides. This plant has inflorescence and flowers that are white and purple in colour. Adhatoda vasica is the scientific name for vasaka, popularly referred to as Malabar Nuts. Let's examine the health advantages of vasaka powder, an Ayurvedic herb powder utilised for a number of therapeutic applications. Malabar Nut’s leaf is used to treat colds and the common cold.


Nutritional value of Malabar Nut


The therapeutic virtues of the Malabar Nut tree can be found in all of its sections. Its leaves are abundant in phytochemicals such as phenolics, flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins, and saponins. The leaves of this plant also contain essential oils, vasicine, and quinazoline alkaloid. In addition to this, a huge variety of compounds are also present and are what give vasaka its medical benefits.


Health benefits of Malabar Nut:


  1. Cough Prevention with Malabar Nut

For the treatment and prevention of cough, Malabar Nut is a crucial element of ayurvedic medicine. Coughing is very uncomfortable and can make it difficult to get a decent night's sleep. You feel worn out and drained after it. When someone coughs up yellow sputum, cannot expel the mucus, or is wheezing, Malabar Nut is used to suppress the cough. It also makes breathing easier.


  1. Malabar Nut to treat asthma

Malabar Nut has anti-inflammatory effects, among other things. This facilitates healthy and effortless breathing, minimising airway and lung inflammation, and protects against the negative effects of asthma. Additionally, the bronchodilator properties of the vasicine present in this plant facilitate easier breathing by enlarging the airways.


  1. Malabar Nut has antiviral properties

Since tropical environments are ideal for the growth of numerous microorganisms and their carriers, infections are a major issue in these nations. The phrase "viral fever" is used frequently. Malabar Nut is incredibly helpful in solving this issue. It aids in bringing down body temperature as well as in clearing up thick, yellow nasal discharges that could build up and make breathing difficult.


  1. Malabar Nut for Sinusitis Treatment

As a result of nasal discharge obstructing the sinuses and causing them to become infected and inflamed, sinusitis can be a chronically uncomfortable and irritating condition. Malabar Nut's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities work together to cure certain ailments. The pus or fluid that has built up in the sinuses is released, reducing the blockage and ending the infection as well.


  1. Malabar Nut for Treating Bronchitis

Due to its many beneficial qualities, Malabar Nut aids in the treatment of bronchitis. The bronchial tubes get obstructed in bronchitis because of the inflammation and mucus buildup on their walls, which makes the airway smaller. Malabar Nut opens up these blocked airways, easing the condition's associated cough, chest discomfort, and dyspnea.


  1. Malabar Nut Soothes a Throat Ailment

Many people frequently experience tonsillitis, sore throats, and throat pain, and these issues become more frequent as the seasons change. The primary elements that contribute to alleviation are the antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties included in Malabar Nut. Malabar Nut herb also treats the soft palate's redness, discomfort, and swelling.


  1. Malabar Nut Heals Wounds

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are present in Malabar Nut’s leaves. These assist in reducing swellings without having many adverse effects, which are a risk when using steroids. It is possible to use this herb to cure duodenal and stomach ulcers. In addition to allopathic medicine, ayurveda also endorses the use of vasaka for ulcers and bleeding problems.


  1. Malabar Nut is Beneficial for the Gut

Malabar Nut powder aids in reducing the production of stomach acid. This makes it a fantastic treatment for acidity, gastritis, and dyspepsia. Consuming it can lessen acidity, which can injure our bodies in numerous ways.


  1. Malabar Nut helps in Joint Pain

Joint discomfort affects many people's quality of life significantly. One of the main causes of such pain is an elevated quantity of uric acid. Vasaka powder aids by lowering uric acid levels. Malabar Nut also effectively lessens gout-related pain and discomfort. Its anti-inflammatory qualities also aid in reducing joint inflammation.


  1. Malabar Nut Powder Treats Uremia

The poisonous substances and wastes build up in the blood when the kidneys are unable to filter the blood effectively and remove them. These harmful wastes contain a substantial portion of nitrogen and urea compounds. Vasaka powder aids in the removal of these toxic substances through urination. A serious injury to the kidney or any components connected to it, as well as renal failure, are the main causes of such kidney dysfunction.


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