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Manjal karisalankanni - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Manjal karisalankanni - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts


Many people are familiar with bhringraj, also known as Manjal karisalankanni in Tamil, primarily for its use in bhringraj hair oil. Manjal karisalankanni’s oil is a fantastic hair treatment that addresses numerous hair issues. Bhringraj, however, also offers other remarkable medical advantages, including the treatment of anaemia, skin conditions, and cold-related issues. Bhringraj is regarded as a sacred herb in Tamil Nadu and is highly prized for its beneficial properties. Regular consumption of karisalankanni will guard against anaemia and any liver-related illnesses. If you can't get fresh leaves, you might try using the widely accessible bhringraj powder.


Bhringraj comes in two different types, one of which blooms with yellow flowers and the other with lovely, tiny white blossoms. The yellow type of bhringraj is more frequently employed in home medicines than the other two varieties.


What is Manjal karisalankanni?


Manjal karisalankanni, also known as the bhringraj plant, is a member of the sunflower family, is found all over the world. It is an annual plant that can reach a height of approximately a foot and bears a single, daisy-like, white, winged bloom (hence its English name, false daisy). The fact that the term "bhringaraj" literally means "ruler of bees" indicates how well-liked this flowering plant is by pollinators.

There are two types of this plant: white and yellow. The plant portion known as "King of Hair" has a bitter, harsh, pungent, dry, and spicy flavour. It has a strong reputation in conventional medicine as a drug that improves hair colour and growth. Due to its heated potency, the whole plant, the roots, the seeds, or seed oil are used to balance the Kapha and Vata doshas. The leaves are used as an anti-venom to cure snake bites in several regions of China and Brazil. Since ancient times, this plant has been used to treat skin issues and hair loss.


Characteristic of Manjal karisalankanni


The somewhat wavy leaves are robust and sturdy, with a coating of hairs that can scratch the skin when touched, in contrast to the blossoms' delicate nature. The tattoo plant is another name for this plant because when the leaves are crushed, a dark greenish-black liquid is produced that can be used to create tattoo ink and dye.

Health benefits of


Manjal karisalankanni  for Hair Regrowth, Grey Hair, and Hair Loss:


Making a hair oil with bhringraj is the best approach to use it for hair. The bhringraj oil offers wonderful advantages for hair. In other words, it does everything required for healthy hair, including preventing hair loss, premature greying, strengthening the hair roots, conditioning the hair properly, preventing split ends, stimulating hair development, and preventing baldness and alopecia. Bhringraj oil is sold everywhere these days, however it's quite simple to manufacture your own pure bhringraj oil at home. For the greatest results, make this oil using unrefined handmade coconut oil. There are two techniques to make this oil. The first method involves grinding the bhringraj leaves without using any water, forming them into small rounds, and sun drying them till crisp. The rounds are then mixed with coconut oil in a glass jar and left in the sun until the oil's colour changes. For this process, drying the rounds and heating the coconut oil takes around three to four days. Summertime is the ideal time to use this strategy. This oil is a stunning shade of green, and it smells delightfully different. Before washing your hair regularly, apply this oil thoroughly to the scalp and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. For up to three months at room temperature, this oil keeps well.


Baldness and Bhringraj


Baldness can be avoided with a straightforward hair pack made from bhringraj plants. Take some fresh leaves, prepare a paste with some yoghurt, and apply it to the scalp to create the hair pack. Before washing it off, wait 15 minutes. The dried powder can also be used in place of the fresh leaves. It has been demonstrated that bhringraj extracts are efficient at encouraging the growth of new hair. For optimal results, use this hair pack once at least once a week. Both bhringraj plant kinds can be utilised for this hair pack.


Health benefits of Bhringraj:


Additionally, it is used to treat conditions affecting the skin, teeth, bones, eyes, ears, and disorders relating to memory.


  1. The powdered root is used to treat splenomegaly and hepatitis.

  2. The herbal oil soothes headaches and the feeling of burning pee.

  3. It alters how the liver and kidneys work.

  4. It offers remarkable therapeutic benefits for gynaecological issues. It lessens uterine bleeding, eases postpartum uterine pain, and avoids miscarriages.

  5. Bhringraj cures urinary tract infections, piles, and eradicates intestinal worms in young children.

  6. Its anti-aging effects aid to rejuvenate the body and improve skin complexion.

  7. In cases of debility, bhringraj extract or syrup functions as a general tonic that boosts strength, immunity, and fertility.

  8. ·  Elephantiasis, abscesses, and the healing of wounds are all treated with its paste.


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