Benefits of Herb Manjishtha - Indian Madder

Benefits of Herb Manjishtha - Indian Madder

Manjistha is a bristly, branch-climbing plant. The stem has four angled sides and is thin. Small, greenish-white, and grouped in a branching cluster, the blooms are tiny. The fruit is fleshy and globular. It has evergreen leaves and can reach a height of 1.5 metres. Manjistha roots are used to make a crimson dye since their bark is brownish-red. Stems and roots are the portions of the herb that are healthy for us.

Components of Manjistha:

Manjistha scientific name – Rubia cordifolia

Taste – bitter, sweet, astringent

Digestive quality(vipaka) –  pungent

Quality (guna) –  heavy, dry

Tissue (dhatu) – plasma, blood, muscles, bone

Nutritional Value of Manjishtha:

Manjistha contains a lot of nutrients. Its principal constituents are purpurin, munjistin, xanthopurpurin and pseudopurpurin.

Health Benefits of Manjistha:

Manjistha powder, an ayurvedic plant, has a variety of health benefits and can be used for melasma, skin lightening, and other cosmetic applications. Manjistha powder is also used to treat grey hair and hair loss problems. The top health advantages of Manjistha are listed below. 

Manjistha acts as blood purifier:

Blood purification is the main purpose of the manjistha plant. To have healthy skin and hair, purified blood is important. Manjistha does wonders to purify the blood. It purifies the blood and gets rid of all the toxins in it. Manjistha efficiently treats skin disease symptoms. Additionally, it increases immunity.

Manjishtha Promotes Healing of injury:

Manjistha is an ayurvedic remedy that heals cuts and bruises on our bodies, causing harm to the skin tissues. Manjistha helps skin tissues that have been harmed by an illness or an injury heal.

Manjistha skin benefits:

Manjistha is fantastic for healing skin conditions or allergies and enhancing the appearance of the skin. One of the most effective herbs for the skin is manjistha. Its use or intake alleviates herpes, eczema, psoriasis, itching, freckles, acne, and other skin conditions (in the bloodstream).

It is very useful in speedy healing of the wounds due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also promotes the healing of skin tissues damaged due to some injury or infection.

Manjistha relieves menstrual pain:

The menstrual cycle can be excruciatingly painful for some women. Manjistha powder is helpful for postpartum conditions that damage the uterus and uncomfortable menstruation.

Manjishtha detoxifies your body:

For those who often consume toxic foods, experience toxic emotions, or are in the process of detoxing their bodies, manjistha tablets are a highly helpful herb. Since it gets rid of toxins that could overburden the immune system and cause more blockages in the body, it is an excellent immune system support.


Is manjistha beneficial for hair?

Yes, it can help control oiliness and hence control hair fall.


Does Manjistha reduce weight?

Yes, manjistha aids in weight loss since it regulates kapha.

How long does it take for Manjistha to work?

When applied to the skin or hair, manjistha infused oils or powder can produce positive results in as little as two weeks, but it's important to choose a high-quality product and do a patch test first.

 Does manjistha lighten skin?

Yes, it enhances the complexion, lessens skin discolouration, treats scars and blemishes, and gives the skin a general glow that makes it appear clear and healthy.


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