Sauté Pan: Mogul of Culinary Alchemy

‘Discover the many ways of bringing the best out of your sauté pan’

Not everyone has cooking abilities like a chef, from noobs to amateurs, we all depend on certain factors that bring the best of our recipe. A sauté pan is a savior for those of us. This single pan can execute the functions of multiple pans at a time. You save time, space in the kitchen and energy with this one invaluable object. Here is our comprehensive guide on what all you can do with a Sauté Pan.

1.The secret to a great dish in a sauté pan is- Good Sauté Pan (Like Circulon, Select, Skyline) + High-Flame + A Little Oil + Uniformly Cut Ingredients With Straight Sides and larger surface area, it is ideal for tasks like searing vegetables, paneer, tofu, meat or reducing a sauce. Large volumes of food can be prepared at a time in one pot. An ideal size for a family of 3-5 people is considered 24cm.

2.For delicious dinner evenings when elaborate dishes are needed, a sauté pan can be your Wonder Woman. A sauté pan can be used for the preparation of soups, daals, chhole, kadhai paneer, stews for example, which almost always begin with tadka or sautéed aromatic spices; or sautéing the vegetables, browning or glazing which enhances the flavour of the recipe. It's also used to fully cook whole dishes quickly.

3.It is Extremely Functional, it can brighten your mornings and brunches as well. Poached eggs, omelettes, chillas, dosas, crépes, pancakes, poha, pasta, noodles to paranthas and as far as your imagination goes. You can enlighten every food memory with a Sauté Pan.

4.Lastly, one must always remember that sautéing keeps the flavours vivid because it cooks food fast. This is especially welcome with seasonal ingredients such as tender methi, carrot or spinach. Also, hearty winter root vegetables like rutabaga which benefit from long, slow braising. And, lastly the delicate produce of spring which favours a light touch. Your sauté pan will be your best friend in all seasons.

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