The Best Kitchen Appliances For Smart Indian Kitchens

Kitchen doesn’t only constitute of cookware but a whole wide range of other accessories that are used in food preparation. However, homemakers mostly give emphasis on the quality of cookware while ignoring the other items, this often leads to utter chaos in the kitchen. But, if you want your cooking and kitchen time to be fuss free and seamless, Pots and Pans have some great additions for your kitchen. So, this Diwali, why don’t you add ease and order in your kitchen by investing in these kitchenware items?


These tools and equipment enhance the speed of food preparation and make serving food so much easier. These tools help you in keeping your kitchen organized, maintaining an order to cacophony that often transpire in your kitchen world.

The kitchen tools and equipment would help you in effective and effortless food preparation while saving time and energy. You can find accessories to chop, slice, mince, mix, whisk and store. They are designed to make your kitchen mess-free and orderly. These tools can’t be categorized as extravagant but should be considered necessity.


Here are some basic kitchen equipment for Indian kitchen you require to have a balanced and effective cooking system:


Utility Compartment:

Meyer Kitchen Hacks Space Saving Dish Drainer

A spacious utility compartment where you can horde your kitchen accessories such as knives and spatulas without any worry! Along with this, a drying rack for plates and bowls is also imperative. Perfect to keep things organized and mess-free!

Item Recommended: Meyer Kitchen Hacks Space Saving Dish Drainer & Meyer Kitchen Hacks Knife & Utensil Station


A pair of tongs:

Meyer Silicone Tongs

Absolutely necessary to flip roti, paratha, meat or to toss the salad after you have seasoned it with dressing.

Item Recommended: Meyer Silicone Tongs


Dressing Maker:

Dressing truly uplifts the look of anything, including your salad. Here’s presenting a jar of dressing wonder that will emulsify dressings in seconds. Just ideal to make your own home-made, delicious and healthy salad. This is a one-touch wonder, ideal to make, mix, serve and store dressing, sauces, dips and marinades.  Easy to make not only dips and dressings but also other liquid condiments

Item Recommended: Meyer Salad Chef



Meyer Heavy Duty Ceramic Knife

 Not only for fast and precise slicing and cutting, but also for safety and to ensure that you don’t exhaust yourself while chopping food. A pure and healthy alternative to regular knives is Ceramic Knife that is rust-proof and impervious to contamination, smell and stain! 

Item Recommended: Meyer Heavy Duty Ceramic Knife


Chopping Board:

Meyer Kitchen Hacks Multi Purpose Chopping Board

Chopping is an integral part of cooking that requires a large portion of our kitchen time. Here’s a chopping board that will help you chop and slice all kinds of food with utmost ease, comfort and spotlessness. The clear markings and four separate removable flexi mats promote easy differentiation and hygienic use.

Item Recommended: Meyer Kitchen Hacks Multi Purpose Chopping Board

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