Start with a healthy breakfast, because health comes first!

One of the after-effects of contemporary lifestyle is the sparsity of time. It is not the easiest when it comes to cooking healthy but fast for my family. Especially, my kids, they have a very different palate compared to me and my husband. I remember being told by one of my neighbours, the kind of innovations she had to come up with every day in her kitchen to still the tantrums of her kids. One big challenge that I face every day is giving lunch to my kids for school. I think it’s just natural as a mother to be protective and concerned about what my family eats. I really wanted to discover a dish that not just balanced taste, appearance and nutrition but also saved me time in busy mornings. Given to me by another loving mother, wife and friend was the recipe of oats uttapam. An extremely healthy variation of the traditional uttapam but made with oats and topped with the goodness of veggies. A great source of phosphorus, selenium and manganese, it also nourishes you with soluble dietary fibre, iron and magnesium, vitamin B1. A simple, easy and superfast recipe that enriched my and my family's life with nutritious, fibre rich meals that gave them the pleasure of exuberant mornings. To make the best of your mornings as well, write to us at to grab this recipe

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