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The Quintessential All-in-One Sauté Pan

Imagine the depth of a skillet, the non-stick of a fry pan and the magnitude of a Kadhai, that’s what a Sauté Pan is. It’s the life of every economic kitchen. One piece of cookware that can replace three in the kitchen will not just consume less space but also offer great utility to you. Especially for the young working class, bachelors and students, living in big cities and squeezing their homes in small places is not uncommon. What you need is an All-in-One Pan which can be used day-in and day-out and fit in the small spaces easily. That one invaluable object in which you can cook just about anything would be Sauté Pan.

Always remember before buying:

1.What your pan is made up of decides how good your food will cook and how good your health will be. It’s because of the nature of sautéing, that your pan must be very responsive to heat so it gets hot quickly and cools off just as fast. Also, check the coating, a non-stick coating must be PFOA free, lead-free and cadmium free. Go for names like Chemours USA or Whitford USA which reflect high-quality non-stick coat.

2.You may not be flipping ingredients in the pan to the air, but you certainly do some shaking back and forth. That’s why the handles become very essential. We recommend you check if your product is accompanied with features like Stay Cool Phenolic Handles or not, even better you have sturdy rivetted stainless steel handles. So that you experience great grip and cool handles every time you cook.

3.Preserving the taste, smell and flavour of your dishes is very important when it comes to appeasing your gustatory senses. Which is why, a nice lid can work wonders with your sauté pan. Nowadays, colander lids are also available, which allow you to pour directly from the vessel while straining. Some products like Meyer Select offer you this utility.

4.The beauty of sauté pan is that you can find them in all sizes. Ideally, a 10-or 12-inch pan is a versatile size; a larger pan than this would be useful only when cooking for more than three people. We recommend you invest in heavy-duty constructed, ovenproof and dishwasher proof pans with long, comfortable handles that are balanced for the size of the pan.

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  • angana shah

    Hey, great website, lots of useful information. I will be cooking for two people mostly, and after reading your post i think a saute pan is perfect!

  • sanskriti

    Very helpful information. Thank you.!

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