The best non-stick tawas in India for everyday cooking

The best non-stick tawas in India for everyday cooking
In the childhood memories of every good cook, there's a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.

What is that one cooking utensil that assumes an omnipresent status in every kitchen? One doesn’t even need a moment to ponder as “tawa” comes the pat reply. Tawa is certainly an integral and important part of Indian cooking and kitchen.



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  1. Tawa Troubles :
  2. Qualities of a great Tawa :
  3. Terrific Tawa :
  4. Tawa Recipes :



1. Tawa Troubles :


​​However, with the market flooded with a variety and a range of tawas, the quest to find the perfect fit, a high-quality tawa, becomes quite a chore. The problems associated with tawas are manifold – first, it’s hard to find a thick tawa; second, the non-stick coating doesn’t last even a few months. Third, the heat transfer is uneven – and so recipes get burnt on one side and remain semi-cooked on the other. But the most common problem is pitting and cracks in non-stick and eventual wear of the non-stick Why – because the tawa product takes lots of direct dry heat; generally in other cookware, you put water or oil to warm, but in tawa, it is subjected to dry heat.  



2. Qualities of a great Tawa :


​​Thus, to take you out of this dilemma, we have listed points that you should consider while making your purchase:  

  1. ​​Durability : It should be long-lasting and easily sustain regular use. 
  2. ​​Coatings :The non-stick coating should be safe, tested for quality and consumption, and for dry heat performance. 
  3. ​​Composition : Heat transformation is the determining factor of a tawa, hence should have either ultra-conductive aluminum or hard-anodized construction.  
  4. ​​Handle : Handle should be heat-resistant ensuring ease of use.  



3. Terrific Tawa :


​​Keeping all these in mind, Meyer has brought to market one-of-a-kind curved Tawa from its most prestigious brand, Circulon. Featuring hard anodized construction that is twice as hard as stainless steel, the curved tawa aptly fits the myriad needs of an Indian kitchen. From the staple roti and dosa to occasional pancakes and crepes, the tawa is perfect to curate anything that your palate fancies. The tawa boasts of the superior non-stick coating from Chemours (USA). Further, its hi-low circular grooves significantly reduce the abrasion and ensure nothing sticks - NOTHING. And to top it all it comes with a lifetime warranty! Certainly, it ticks off everything that you want in a tawa!  

This curved tawa is also a favorite of Celebrity Chef Varun Arora, whose innovative, quick and super delicious dishes have been garnering rave reviews from all around. So, if you want to fill the gap in your kitchen that your otherwise normal tawa often brings, it’s time to opt for Meyer’s highly popular Curved Tawa. We are certain that you will love its appearance and immense usefulness that might sharpen your inherent culinary skills and may even coax you to experiment with your cooking style!



Tawa Recipes :


​​Now that you have got the best tawa with you, it’s time to create a storm in your kitchen. Here are some terrific recipes that you can prepare in a tawa: 


1. Beetroot Rawa Dosa 




2. Loaded Breakfast Crepes




3. Potato Pancake




4. Lentil And Coconut Pancakes




5. Chocolate Dosa 




6. Daliya and Pine Nut Tikki 




7. Stuffed Paratha Pockets




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