Tulsi tree - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Tulsi tree - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Tulsi tree is an important medicinal herb that has been used in India for centuries. Also known as Holy Basil, it is revered as a sacred plant and is often referred to as "The Queen of the Herbs." Tulsi has many therapeutic properties and is particularly effective in treating respiratory problems, colds and flu. Additionally, tulsi is said to boost immunity, improve digestion and help manage stress.


In Ayurvedic medicine, tulsi is considered a "rasayana," which means it helps promote longevity and overall health. The herb is also thought to have spiritual significance and is often used in religious ceremonies.


Nutritional value of Tulsi:


Even though the Tulsi plant isn't very large, it's helpful to your health and supplies many critical elements. Iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium are just some of the minerals and vitamins that may be found in abundance in the leaves. It's a good source of protein and fibre, too. The amount of Tulsi here is not sufficient for a meal, but it will enhance the flavour and nutritional value of anything you cook. Raw Tulsi is safe to consume, and it also makes a delicious tea.


Health benefits of Tulsi Tree:


  1. Natural Immunity Booster:


Vitamin C and zinc, both of which are found in abundance in Tulsi, give it a natural advantage as an immunity booster. As a result, it serves as an effective immune system booster that prevents illness. We are protected from a wide range of pathogens thanks to its potent antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal capabilities. The immune system is strengthened by the extract of Tulsi leaves, which boosts the activity of T helper cells and natural killer cells.


  1. Reduces Fever:


Tulsi's antibacterial and antiviral characteristics aid in the battle against infections, which in turn lowers fever. It also has analgesic effects, meaning it can relieve pain. Tulsi, when taken as a fresh juice mixed with black pepper powder, can prevent and treat intermittent fevers. To lower body temperature, try drinking a mixture of tulsi leaves, sugar, and milk that has been cooked with powdered cardamom (elaichi) in half a litre of water.


  1. Reduces Cold, Cough & Other Respiratory Disorders:


Tulsi's pain-relieving qualities come from the terpene eugenol. Tulsi contains camphene, cineole, and eugenol, all of which contribute to the reduction of a cold symptoms, including a cough and chest congestion. In cases of bronchitis, asthma, influenza, cough, and cold, Tulsi leaf juice combined with honey and ginger is quite useful.



  1. Reduces Stress & Blood Pressure:


Tulsi has chemicals called ocimum sides A and B, which lower stress and blood pressure. These substances have been shown to alleviate stress and maintain a healthy level of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Tulsi's anti-inflammatory characteristics make it useful in lowering both inflammation and blood pressure.


  1. Anti-cancer properties:


To top it all off, Tulsi's phytochemicals are powerful antioxidants and provide the plant its anti-cancer benefits. Therefore, they aid in warding against malignancies of the skin, liver, mouth, and lungs.


  1. Good for Heart Health:


Tulsi's positive effects on heart health come from its ability to reduce blood lipid level, prevent ischemia and stroke, control hypertension, and provide further antioxidant protection.


  1. Good for Diabetics:


Tulsi leaf extract has been demonstrated to reduce blood glucose levels in those with type 2 diabetes, so it's a good option for those who suffer from the disease.


  1. Useful to treat kidney stones:


Tulsi has diuretic qualities and is useful in the treatment of kidney stones and gouty arthritis. It works by lowering the concentration of uric acid in the body, which is the primary cause of kidney stone formation. When uric acid levels are lowered, Gout sufferers feel better.


  1. Helps in Gastrointestinal Disorders:


Tulsi leaves aid in the treatment of gastrointestinal issues including indigestion and appetite loss, making them a useful tool for those dealing with these problems. They're taken to ease tummy troubles including gas and bloating.


  1. Good for Skin & Hair: 


Tulsi aids in the removal of acne and other skin imperfections, making it a bonus for both your skin and your hair. Having a high concentration of antioxidants, it delays the onset of ageing. Tulsi helps us keep our hair by fortifying the roots. Tulsi's antifungal characteristics mean it may be used to keep your scalp healthy and free of itchiness.


  1. Acts as Insect Repellent:


The dried Tulsi leaves have been used for ages to keep insects away from stored grains. 11. It serves as a natural insect repellent.


  1. Purifies blood:


Blood purification and insect bite relief are two additional uses for Tulsi leaf extracts beyond their traditional insect repellent role. They are also quite effective in lowering any swelling or discomfort that may have developed as a result. Additionally, Tulsi can be used to cleanse the blood if taken everyday.


  1. Good for dental hygiene:


Tulsi has been used extensively in herbal toothpaste due to its remarkable ability to strengthen teeth and gums. Additionally, it can treat mouth ulcers, making it an excellent choice for whole dental health.


  1. Reduces fatigue and stress:


Tulsi has been demonstrated to have several positive effects on both physical and mental health, including lowering stress and fatigue levels. Drinking a tulsi concoction, for instance, can be energising and aid in relieving tension and weariness after a long day at the office. Drinking tulsi tea during extended study sessions has similar effects on pupils' ability to focus.


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