Which is the best company for non-stick cookware in India?

Which is the best company for non-stick cookware in India?
Presenting the Company manufacturing the most enigmatic Non-stick cookware - Meyer


People's approach towards their health have systematically changed over the last few years. There’s rising concern about overall wellbeing, therefore, people are methodically adopting ways to reduce the amount of fat they use to cook to maintain healthy eating habits. Going with non-oily food is a great way to keep the body fit, but some cookware isn’t used well for preparing oil-free food. But Meyer's non-stick cookware allows you to add healthy and delicious food to your diet without using excessive oil. The non-stick coating keeps the food from sticking onto the surface while ensuring even, all-around cooking.


Table of Content

  1. What is Non-Stick?
  2. Benefits of cooking on a Non-Stick?
  3. Why Meyer?
  4. Conclusion


1. What is Non-Stick?


 A Non-stick surface is a surface engineered to reduce the ability of other materials (food bits) to stick to it. Non-stick cookware is a common application, where the non-stick coating allows food to brown without sticking to the pan. 



2.Benefits of Non-stick Cookware:


Easy to Cook
Food, when cooked on non-stick cookware, sticks less to the surface of the vessel. Thereby, the food does not get burnt easily, and stirring curries and dry food in a non-stick cookware is easier.
Easy to Clean
Non-stick cookware is exceptionally easy to clean, nothing sticks to the surface, and nothing needs to be scrubbed off the surface while washing. Oil and debris of food don’t stick to the walls or base of the vessel! Additionally, all you need is a scrubbing sponge to get the food off your vessel! You don’t need to spend hours scrubbing the vessel to get remnants of food off the surface!
Everyone can cook
Cooking is an essential skill that most people need during the course of their life. Non-Stick makes cooking literally as easy as breathing. For example If you are making dosa or chapati, when you use non-stick Tawa you can apply the batter on the Tawa and turn it over without having to worry much about the amount of oil you need to put or temperature settings. The dosa will just lift off the Tawa with ease!
Healthy Cooking for a Healthy Future
The main reason people use excessive amounts of oil or fat in cooking is to prevent the food from sticking to the vessel and burning. When you use the best quality non-stick cookware, you can reduce or even completely eliminate the use of oil. This makes the food significantly healthier, making non-stick cookware a favorite among health aficionados.
Risk-free, Guilt-Free Eating
There are no known health risks for people preparing or consuming food prepared in non-stick vessels. In fact, the reduction in oil consumption makes the food healthier than its conventionally cooked counterparts!




3. Why Meyer?


Meyer India is a fully-owned subsidiary of Meyer International Holdings, Ltd., one of the largest and most innovative cookware manufacturers and distributors in the world - A Global Leader in Cookware Since 1951. Meyer Corporation takes pride in conferring unflinching importance to the health of its customers. We pride ourselves on using the world’s best-performing non-stick coatings. Our pans promise non-stick performance for the duration of their warranty period.

  1. Totally TOXIN-FREE product
  2. US FDA & European Food Safety Standards Authority approved coating (from Chemours USA)
  3. GUARANTEED No PFOA | No Cadmium | No Nickel | No Arsenic | No Lead
  4. PATENTED Hi-Low food release system - food will glide super smoothly. Food will not stick: 100% Guarantee
  5. Heavy-gauge, hard-anodized construction makes it twice as hard as stainless-steel for outstanding durability
  6. ‘Stay Cool’ riveted phenolic handle for added strength and safety



4. Conclusion:


Experience excellence with Meyer’s Non-stick cookware that has been designed to simplify cooking. The beautiful look enhances its aesthetic appeal and makes this cookware a great showpiece for your kitchen and cooking calibre. This is essentially a cook and serve cookware, which means you can directly use the cookware to serve food on your dining table. The premium quality of the coating makes the food completely non-reactive and safe for you and your family.

 Non-Stick Cooking Ranges :

1. Circulon Origins



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2. Circulon Momentum


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3. Meyer Merlot



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