Best Non-Stick Pan For Everyday Cooking

The ultimate non-stick Sauté pan for all your cooking troubles. Know about the most versatile product that your kitchen needs. Read More..

Best Non-Stick Pan For Everyday Cooking
If "ifs" and "ands" were pots and pans, there'd be no work for tinkers' hands


Looking for the best non-stick pans in India that will make your everyday cooking a bliss for you and a blessing for your family? We have got you covered with the high-quality non-stick cookware for your kitchen and cooking! Quench your flair for cooking and your love of good food with Premium Non-stick cookware.


Table of Content

  1. Why do you need a good Non-Stick Pan?
  2. The most essential Non-Stick Pan- Saute Pan
  3. How to choose the best Saute Pan?
  4. The Best Saute Pans in India



1. Why do you need a good non-stick pan?


 Whether it is loathing over instant noodles or it is being traumatized by the burnt omelette, we all had those urges of owning the ultimate non-stick which will reward us every time. Here’s summing up all the reasons that make possessing a good non-stick pan a necessity:

Delicious meals with little oil : Ditch oil and discover the joy of oil-less (or minimal oil) cooking! The best nonstick pans have a sleek cooking surface (with toxin free coating) that prevents food from sticking to the surface even if you have used little or no fat for cooking.

Uniform heating : Most of the non-stick cookware have an aluminium core that promotes even distribution of heat in comparison to conventional cookware. This speeds up the cooking and eliminates hotspots.



2. The most essential non-stick pan- Saute Pan


Don’t want to horde too many types of non-stick pans in your kitchen. Fret no, we have found a solution for your quest -A Sauté Pan- your ultimate non-stick cookware for everyday cooking. One pan that can fix all your food traumas. The word sauté pan is from the French verb meaning "to jump" (Sauter). A saute pan has a wide, flat bottom and relatively tall, vertical sides. This one-pan army is extremely versatile and is suited to prepare dry vegetable preparations like baigan masala, aloo gobhi to gravy preparation like kadai paneer, butter chicken, chhole to an omelet, poached eggs and dosas & chillas.

A Sauté Pan, straight sides and a large radius offers the maximum amount of cooking surface. Also, the sloped side is a true asset in any pan— because it increases the amount of usable space, both in terms of capacity and surface area for browning, sautéing, and shallow-frying. So, a medium to large size is a good one to assist around the kitchen for a family of 2-3 people.


non stick saute pan


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3. How to choose the Best Saute pan?


With a crowd of saute pan staring at your face, choosing the one that suits your cooking the best does get tricky! The miscellany of cookware styles, materials and prices-from stainless steel and aluminum to cast iron to copper spoil you for choice. So, here’s how to select the best saute pan for your kitchen:

Best quality: Always use stainless steel, hard anodised aluminum or great quality non-stick for even heat distribution and optimal performance every time.


Heat tolerance: For one-pot meals, it’s important that your sauté pan is oven-safe also; and you can easily move from stove to oven to table. Check what temperature this cookware can safely be used at.


Comfort of use: If your cookware is dishwasher safe or not. If technologies like phenolic handles or silicone inserts are used to offer your hands the better grip and comfort. A thorough go-through of these things to check will save you not just time but money for utility.



4. The Best Saute Pans in India


Even though many manufacturers like to describe their larger sauté pans as “family-size,” one should know that they are perfect for low-yield cooking and invaluable for entertaining the occasional handful of dinner (or brunch) guests. I suppose this is why high-end manufacturers will try to charge you a month’s salary for them. But, don’t worry sometimes these pans do deserve this price tag for their deliverance. Luckily, after testing several pans in different price ranges, we have come across some great products.


  1. Circulon Origins 24cm Saute Pan Non-Stick Hard Anodized 
  2. Circulon Clad Stainless Steel Chef's Pan and Spoon Set with Hybrid SteelShield and Nonstick Technology, 24cm, Silver



5. Conclusion


Some of these products offer great features like stainless steel handles with silicone inserts, making them comfy and cool to the touch. Also, many of them have lids with strainers built in, eliminating the need for colanders or slotted spoons as well. Always remember that quality cookware is at the heart of any serious cook’s kitchen. A true desert-island pan, the sauté pan can potentially duplicate a number of pans. We all have reached for the sauté pan to dispatch most of the jobs the other pans are designed to perform at one time or another, and I am sure we have been rewarded with good, dependable results. Now an essential part of the modern lifestyle; share your love more often for food with a Sauté Pan.




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