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Stop Food From Sticking On Stainless Steel Surface

Are stainless steel cookware good? To be honest, what’s not to love about stainless steel cookware. They look great, are versatile and safe for you family. Now that we have the benefits out of the way, let us talk about the issues that are usually associated with this range like -

  • Why do stainless-steel pans stick?
  • Are stainless steel pans safe?
  • Are stainless steel cookware non-stick?
Now that we have covered the questions that bother you the most, let us help you find answers and solutions to these questions. Honestly, stainless steel cookware is one of the easiest to cook in and is actually very low maintenance, you just need to get a little understanding as to how to cook in them and you will love them.
Once you get a handle on how to use them, you will never let them go. Let us look at some of the pro-tips used by chefs around the globe.

  • Preheating is mandatory – Why stainless-steel pans stick? Well, because your pan is probably not heated well. Cold stainless steel is porous and the edges of these pores are what cause the food to stick. When you preheat your pan, the steel expands and creates a smooth cooking surface as the heat closes the pores.
  • Oil after preheating – Are stainless steel cookware non-stick? If you preheat the right way and add oil at the right time then yes, your stainless steel will work fabulously non-stick. Adding oil in a pan that is not preheated results in the oil sinking into the pores as mentioned above. This is why you need to make sure that your pan is hot enough and then add your oil while taking the pan off the burner. Swirl the oil around and then return the pan to heat. Now cook whatever you want and nothing will stick.
  • Avoid warping – Remember that when you expose your stainless-steel cookware to temperature extremes, they will warp. Once you are done cooking, do not run cold water, on the whole, they are still hot. Let the pot get cool on its own and then wash.
  • Stay away from metal scrubbers – If you need some help to clean a really dirty stainless-steel pan, then use baking powder and soak it for a while but stay away from steel wool or stainless-steel scouring pads.


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