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Black Rice and Marinara Stuffed Bellpeppers

Typically served as a side dish, but something that is super tasty on its own as a light meal be it lunch or dinner that consists of hollowed out roasted bellpeppers with a layered stuffing of black rice and marinara sauce.


1. Soak, boil and strain black rice and keep aside.

2. In a frying pan, heat butter and add garlic and chopped onions.

3. When onion is soft, add the cooked rice.

4. Adjust the seasoning and  add parsley to the rice and keep aside.

5. In another pan, melt butter and add garlic to it.

6. Add chopped onions and zucchini and cook till soft.

7. Add store bought marinara sauce to the pan.

8. Adjust the seasoning.

9. Cut the top off bellpeppers and remove the seeds and clean it.

10. Layer the marinara mixture and the black rice in alternation inside the bellpeppers.

11. Grate cheese on top.

12. Put the tops back and the bellpeppers in the over at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

Chase the flavors

Serves 2-3

Preparation time 30 Minutes

Cooking time 20 Minutes


Bellpepper - 3 no.

Black Rice - 100 gms.

Marinana Sauce - 1/2 cup

Onions - 1 no.

Zucchini - 1 no.

Garlic - 3-4 cloves

Parsley - 1 tbsp

Butter - 2 tbsp

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