Omelette Curry

If you are a fan of the traditional anda curry, you’re going to love this variation of it. In place of a boiled egg this recipe contains a fried egg omelette, which gives the dish a whole new experience due to its difference in texture besides the taste.


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How to make Omelette curry ?

1) In a stainless steel frypan, add cumin seeds and coriander seeds and saute them a little. To this add chopped onions till they are slightly translucent.

Omelette curry

2) Add cubed tomatoes and pinenuts to the pan with some ginger garlic paste, walnuts and sesame seeds. Season it with salt and add turmeric powder, coriander powder and cumin powder. Add garam masala, cook the vegetables and blend them into a fine paste.
Omelette curry

3) In a clean stainless steel pan, melt a cube of butter and to that add cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks. Add the blended paste to the pan and cook it with a little water. In the end add a pinch of kasuri methi.
Omelette curry

4) Take 5 beaten eggs. Heat a nonstick pan and add some oil into it. Add a little part of the beaten eggs, cook them into an omelette and roll it over. To the pan add some more of the beaten eggs and roll over the cooked eggs into it.
Omelette curry

5) Slice the cooked omelette into even sized pieces. Add them to your prepared curry in a bowl and top it with some fresh cream and fried garlic and chilli.
Omelette curry


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    Expert Tips

    1. Cook the onions completely before adding the tomatoes.
    2. The vegetables and seeds require a certain amount of water to be processed into a fine paste therefore add accordingly.
    3. The omelette should be just cooked to the stage where it holds its shape and not overcooked.

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