Chicken Kofta Curry

Perfectly hearty and guilt-free gravy adorned with steamed chicken kofta that has a subtle hint of spices and is cooked without a single drop of oil! 



There’s nothing like the good old chicken kofta, intricately prepared and incredibly flavoured.  This popular Indian recipe has chicken meatballs curry with traditional Indian spices. This spiced minced chicken transformed into meaty balls along with rich thick gravy is best enjoyed with rice, naan, paratha, or simple tandoori roti. 


As the name suggests, chicken kofta is chicken meatballs curry with traditional Indian spices. Kofta is believed to be a Persian cuisine that has been passed on to Arabic and then travelled all the way through the Indian subcontinent region, mainly the northern part. There are many varieties- lamb, goat meat and chicken- you may also find vegetarian versions of kofta curries in Indian households. This dish has remained popular as it is very simple to prepare and not particularly expensive.

Quick and easy chicken Kofta Curry ?

Chicken Kofta is often considered as the alternative to kofta that are made from lamb, goat meat or other meat available in various regions. The recipe is super simple and easy where you can put every ingredient together, mix it up well and then add to the spicy tomato curry. Spices such as cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, and kasoori methi are the key that add and enhance its aromatic flavour. Tangy tomato, yoghurt and yes, the good quality chicken thigh minced meat altogether make this dish an extravagant affair. It is a versatile dish that can be eaten as lunch as well as dinner. Chicken kofta is a special attraction at any party, served with rice, naan, roti or at times without gravy spicy kofta which can be either steamed or fried.

Suggested cookware for the recipe 


How to make Chicken Kofta Curry ?

1) To the chicken mince, add the chopped ginger, chopped chilli, chopped coriander roots, 1 finely chopped onion and an egg. Add in the corn flour along with the salt and red chilli powder to the mince to make the kofta mixture.Marinated Chicken

2) Properly mix the mince, make small sized balls with the mince, and place them on the steaming basket of the MEYER Quicker Cooking Casserole.

3) Heat about a cup of water in the casserole and when it starts to boil, place the steaming basket in the casserole.  Place and secure the lid and pressure steam the kofta for 10 mins.
Chicken Kofta Curry

4) Remove the steaming basket and save the water/stock left behind in the pot that you can use later. This is done to enhance the overall flavour of the dish and also to ensure that the nutrients from the food are not thrown away.
Chicken Kofta Curry

5) Heat the ghee in the casserole and add the cinnamon and cardamom to it. Once the whole spices are fried and aromatic, add  the paste of 2 onions and cook it down.  Add  the chopped garlic, ginger and chilli and sauté till it turns golden brown. Add  the tomato puree, turmeric and red chili powder and reduce till a thick paste is left behind.
Chicken Kofta Curry

6) Add  the stock that was saved from earlier and make a thin gravy.
Chicken Kofta Curry

7) Whisk the curd till it's lump free and add it to the gravy.  Make sure that the flame is on low or turned off while adding the curd or else the curd might split.Chicken Kofta Curry

8) Turn on the flame once the curd is mixed in, and add in the chicken masala, coriander powder and cumin powder.Chicken Kofta Curry

9) Reduce the gravy by 50% till it has a coating consistency.  Finish off the gravy with crushed kasoori methi powder. Place the steamed koftas in the gravy and coat them properly.Chicken Kofta Curry10) Garnish with the freshly chopped coriander and serve hot with bread or rice.



 Expert Tips

  1. Use chicken thigh portion for the minced part, it's juicy and has some fat.  
  2. It is always advised to use eggs as they are a great binding agent, you may increase the quantity of eggs depending on the quantity of chicken. 
  3. Bread Crumbs also help meatballs’ consistency to give it the desired round shape.
  4. Searing meatballs is good, but you can steam them in case you want to avoid oil.


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