indian street food

Kathi Roll 2 Ways

Quintessential Indian street food dish with two different variations for both vegetarian and non vegetarian people. Method 1) Start by making the roti dough for both the versions, by mixing refined flour, 30 ml oil, a spoon of salt and...

Coconut Chicken Curry With Malabar Parotta

This recipe is kind of like a substitute to the daily roti and curry we all have almost everyday, the coconut curry is fresh new change as opposed to the onion and tomato one. Method: 1) For the paratha dough...

Bharwan Aloo Tikki

A dish synonymous to Indian street food, this recipe of Bharwan aloo tikki is perfect for the home cook, made with super simple ingredients it is bound to be a hit with the family and friends. Method 1) Boil and...

Chicken Momos 2 Ways

The ultimate street food dish made in the traditional way and also in an innovative new way so that you don’t have to go through with the whole hassle of wrapping the momos properly in the skin.
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