Green Peas And Basil Idli

A staple food in every South Indian household, this green peas and basil idli without onion is a perfect get together snack for a vegetarian gathering and also an ideal vrat recipe. This savoury rice cake is a joy to prepare, savour and share with your loved ones. This is a healthy and heavenly breakfast option that will never go out of trend.


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  1. What is Idli?
  2. Easy and Quick Green Peas & Basil Idli Recipe Without Onion
  3. How to make Green Peas & Basil Idli Recipe Without Onion? 
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What is Idli?

​​Considered to be one of the Healthiest Breakfast recipes, idli is made of black gram dal and rice or semolina. Idlis entail a certain preparation method- they are soaked, fermented, and battered- to ensure they turn out soft each time. Idlis are served with a variety of items, the most common are chutney, sambar, rasam and pickles. There are many variants of idlis, the most common and popular are- Button idli, Sambar idli, Tatte idli, Masala idli and Rava idli. Idli today has become so popular that March 30 has been declared as World Idli Day. No wonder along with popular traditional Idli recipes there are new and healthy variants as well such as spinach and carrot, and matar/ green peas idlis. We are today sharing with you the recipe of Green Peas & Basil Idli.


Easy and Quick Green Peas & Basil Idli Recipe Without Onion

A recipe that is everything tasty, healthy and quick. This fuss-free and fantastic idli recipe without onion is perfect to savour during festivities like weekly vrats or Navratri. This healthy meal can be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch, snack and even dinner. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this wholesome dish will keep you full for a long time helping you avoid unnecessary bingeing, therefore, keep your weight under control.


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    How to make Green Peas & Basil Idli Recipe Without Onion?

    1) Take two cups of Green Peas and boil them. Ensure that the peas are fully cooked and blend them into a fine puree.
    Rice Idli

    2) In a bowl, take the idli rava and add curd and the pea puree to it and mix till you reach a batter consistency. Add water if required. Add in the seasoning at this point.
    Idli without Onion

    3) Take an idli pan and grease it with cooking oil (of your choice). Pour the green idli batter in the greased pan.
    Rice Idli

    4) Now, take a deep pot and fill it with water to prepare idli. Heat the pot till it reaches its boiling point. Place an elevated bowl in the pot as a stand where you can place the idli pan for steaming the idlis.
    Rice Idli

    5) Place the idli plate on top of that stand and cover it with a lid and let it steam for 10-12 minutes. Steaming is the healthiest way of cooking and will ensure that the food doesn’t lose any nutrients during the cooking process.
    Steamed Idli

    6) Meanwhile, as the idli cooks, take a frypan and heat it to make a tempering. Pour 1 tsp coconut oil and let it heat for some time, then add dry red chillies, mustard seeds, ginger juliennes and basil leaves.
    Steamed Idli

    7) Once the idlis have been steamed, spoon the tempering over the idli. Serve it hot with chutney and sambar.
    Steamed Idli


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    Expert Tips

    1) To get fluffy idlis, use idli rice or ukda chawal. Avoid using long-grain rice if you want idlis that remain soft even when they cool off.

    2) You can use whole black gram or dhuli urad dal that are more nutritious than split black gram.

    3) Soak rice and dal separately to get a better result.

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