Butter Garlic Stir Fried Veggies

A tussle of tasty and healthy vegetables and a frolicking of delicious spices make this a winner- both in terms of health and flavour. Butter and garlic are a match made in culinary heaven that makes any delicacy extra tasty. Make this easy vegetable stir fry in about 10 minutes and enjoy it for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.


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For this recipe we have used the cooking technique called stir frying. If you are confused what stir frying involves and what other types of cooking methods are there, read on:

  • Stir Frying: A cooking technique where different ingredients are fried in a little but very hot oil in a pan while being continuously stirred or tossed. This cooking method originated in China and over the years has spread all over the world.
  • Sauteing: A cooking technique where small pieces of food are prepared over medium-high to high heat until they are cooked through and turn brown on the outside. The term sauté means "to jump” in French.
  • Pan Frying: Here food is cooked in minimal oil or fat that is just enough to lubricate the cookware surface. This might take a little longer to cook.


What is Butter Garlic Stir Fried Veggies?

 We know that we need to increase the vegetable quantity in our food but loathe the bland flavour and the complicated cooking process that entails preparing a healthy vegetable sabji. Here’s an easy and delicious garlic butter stir fry recipe that includes an interesting combination of nutritious veggies, including zucchini and bell pepper, stir fried in garlic butter to get fabulous texture and an absolutely amazing flavour. 


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Quick and Easy Butter Garlic Stir Fried Veggies

A wholesome meal prepared in just 10 mins, we bet you can’t beat this. This is truly a Quick and Healthy way to incorporate all essential nutrients in your meal while also ensuring that your food is super tasty. We also have addressed some FAQs about this recipe that will help you choose this meal over every other meal.

  • What makes this dish special? The minimal use of spices and seasonings and the maximum use of nutritious vegetables make this a low effort and highly nutritious meal.
  • Which vegetable should you stir fry first? Generally, stir fry the vegetable that takes the longest to cook. Here, we have boiled all vegetables, except bell pepper, to ensure that they are evenly cooked.
  • Are stir fried veggies healthy? Yes, they are as the cooking time is less and the oil used is minimal so the nutrients in the vegetables remain intact.


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How to make Butter Garlic Stir Fried Veggies?

1) Gather all the ingredients and wash them properly. Cut the vegetables in the desired but even shape and boil all except bell peppers (which will be directly stir fried later). The cooking of the vegetables should be such that they still have bite to them and are not fully cooked.
Fried Veggies

2) Once boiled, directly transfer the vegetables into an ice bath to avoid over-cooking; this will ensure that the vegetables don’t turn mushy. Don’t discard the remaining water that has most of the nutrients in and save it to use later.
Stir Fried Veggies

3) Heat a Meyer Stir Fry Pan and melt butter in it. When the butter is melted, add garlic to it. Once the garlic is lightly sautéed and fragrant, add in the raw bell peppers and cook for a few minutes.

4) Next, add in all the boiled vegetables and shake the pan back and forth to enable each veggie to soak in the flavour without getting mushy or breaking.
Fried Veggies

5) Add in the stock saved from earlier along with a few drops of sesame oil to add a nutty, toasty flavour, and basil leaves. The basil will give a fragrant touch to the whole recipe and it also has myriad health benefits.

6) While the sauce is getting cooked, dissolve a spoon of corn flour in water and use it to bind the food items. Once the sauce comes to a boil, add in the corn flour paste.

7) When the sauce thickens up lightly, take it out and serve it hot. The recipe can be enjoyed on its own or also paired up with rice and noodles
Fried Veggies

Expert Tips

  1. Don’t crowd the pan, otherwise the vegetables will steam instead of turning crispy.
  2. Ensure that all veggies are cut into similar sizes so that they cook evenly at the same time and rate.
  3. You can store vegetable stir fry in the fridge for 3-4 days.

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