Mexican Tortilla Wraps

Fresh Mexican salsa’s tang and creaminess of cottage cheese wrapped in a soft grilled tortilla is a treat for those who are after light and a quick meal for lunch or dinner. Goodness of the veggies and comforting bite of tortilla wrap is a refreshing treat you can give to yourself and your family. Eat it while you read, work at your desk, while enjoying evening tea with your family or a healthy dinner wrap that you don’t regret after eating, you know what I mean.


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What is a Mexican Tortilla Wrap?

​​Mexican Tortilla Wraps is a delightful meal or an appetiser which is easy to roll, difficult to resist and quickly finished. It is nutritious, tasty, and a refreshing take on classic tortilla flat bread rolled to embrace flavourful filling of different kinds. Mexican Tortilla Wrap is made from an integral part of the “Mexican cuisine” called tortilla which is similar to Indian flat bread called “Roti”, paired with Indian cottage cheese and some fresh tangy salsa again from the South American region. It’s a wrap that you can eat on the move or even simpler, just take a bite, and go back to typing like I do, without any sauce or curry on my fingers. This recipe is quick to prepare and gives you the possibility to try out new fillings that can also be made by using the leftovers in your kitchen. Nutritious and rich in protein, the dish is a great mix of taste and health. It is an “after school” or anytime snack for your kids; and trust me kids can ask for food at any time of the day.



What is a Tortilla?
It’s a flat bread which is quite popular in the South American region, traditionally made from corn flour but can also be made from wheat flour. Tortillas are soft and smooth in texture similar to our roti. 

Can we use leftover parathas and rotis for such wraps?
Definitely. Just ensure that roti and paratha are not dried as you don’t want to use too much oil or butter to make them moist again 

Why do parents love it?
It saves you a lot of time and food items which can be made from leftovers at home, therefore, this has to be a big hit. Specifically for parents, it is a great way of adding nutrients to their kid’s diet. 

What are some other fillings we can try?

Cheezy bhaji wrap- Left over bhaji with cheese and papad wrapped inside is a delicious wrap.

Rajma Wrap- Make use of the Rajma, rice, and some pickles with onions. Like a traditional Mexican wrap where you find kidney beans with rice.

Achari Aloo Wrap- Fried aloo sabzi mixed with onion and some chutney grilled to perfection. You don’t say no to a comforting aloo wrap. 

Similarly use any veggie, if it is good to eat and in its dry form it can be used as a filling. You can try shredded chicken or minced mutton. Cheers!

What are my options? I am a vegan.
You can use Tofu, Mushroom or Chickpeas without any cream or cheese.  

Are wraps healthy?
I’d say tortillas are healthier than most of the sandwich breads you eat from a café. Moreover, the health factor depends on the kind of filling you are going to use for such wraps. Too much cheese, cream, spices or fried meat or veggies may not be a healthy way of eating.  

How can I keep my wrap fresh for kids?
Use a cling wrap and keep it in the fridge but ensure the fillings are not stale because we don’t advise stale food to be eaten, also left-over food is not necessarily stale food. 


Suggested cookware for the recipe 


    How to make Mexican Tortilla Wrap?

    1) Finely chop onions, garlic, tomatoes and jalapeños and place them in a mixing bowl.

    Mexican Tortilla Wraps

    2) Add lemon juice, hot sauce, coriander, and seasoning to the salsa and keep aside.
    Mexican Tortilla Wrap

    3) Take a block of cottage cheese and slice it into thin rectangles, about 1 cm thick. Heat up a Meyer Circulon Steelshield Pan and sear off cottage cheese sticks .
    Mexican Tortilla Wrap

    4) Lay flat the tortilla bread and spread the tomato salsa making an even layer.

    5) Top the salsa with the grilled cottage cheese and wrap the bread around
    Mexican Tortilla Wrap

    6) Heat oil in a grill pan and place the tortilla wrap on it, with some form of wait, till it gets dark grill marks.
    Mexican Tortilla Wrap

    7) Cut into 2 and serve with your favourite hot sauce.
    Mexican Tortilla Wrap


    Expert Tips

    1) Please fold the wrap carefully, you don’t want food to spill out of the wrap

    2) Don’t use filling with too much gravy or runny sauce. It will make it messy.

    3) Please don’t use too old leftovers.

    4) A grill press is always helpful for prominent grill marks.

    Recipe Card

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