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Stuffed Paratha Pockets

In India stuffed parathas are a particularly common dish, with a wide variety of fillings available. Treading on similar grounds we've brought you an amazing new recipe with a twist from the original, in the form of a stuffed paratha pocket. This recipe has both vegetarian and nonvegetarian options available so there are no excuses for you


Table of Content

  1. What is a Stuffed Paratha Pocket ?  
  2. Quick and Easy Stuffed Paratha  
  3. How to make Stuffed paratha pocket ?  
  4. Expert Tips  
  5. Recipe Card 


What is a Stuffed Paratha Pocket?

Taking inspiration from a few of our own dishes, stuffed paratha pockets, which are an amalgamation between a stuffed paratha and a frankie roll. The fillings in this are variegated with the non-vegetarian having some asian flavours and for the veg filling its cooked sweet corn and vegetables with a generous amount of cheese.


Quick and Easy Stuffed Paratha

This stuffed paratha pocket is going to add a bougie touch to your usual stuffed parathas, therefore making them an appropriate party snack as well. With a veg and non-veg filling these make an appropriate food item for all food lovers alike.


How to make Stuffed Paratha Pockets?

1) Make a soft dough with refined dough to make the paratha wrap.
Stuffed Paratha Pockets

2) In a nonstick fry pan add olive oil and heat it, to that add some cumin seeds. To that add corn kernels, chopped mushrooms, chopped green chilli and saute everything.
Stuffed Paratha Pockets

3) Add water to the pan to cook the corn and slightly mash everything. Season the corn with salt, pepper and red chilli powder and set it aside.
Stuffed Paratha Pockets

4) In a clean pan add some sesame oil and chopped garlic and onion. Sweat the onions and then add minced chicken to it. Mix everything while simultaneously mashing the chicken.
Stuffed Paratha Pockets

5) Add light soy sauce to the chicken, season it with salt and pepper and set it aside.
Stuffed Paratha Pockets

6) Take a dough ball, apply a few drops of oil on it. Spread the dough using your fingers to a flat sheet of dough. For the first dough add the non veg filling, add an egg yolk and drizzle some hot sauce over it.
Stuffed Paratha Pockets

7) Fold in the dough from all the four sides and set it aside. For the veg pocket, flatten the dough the same way and add the corn filling with some grated white cheddar cheese. Fold it the same way.
Stuffed Paratha Pockets

8) On a hot non-stick tawa add a few drops of oil. Lay over one of the folded paratha pockets on the hot tawa. Fry them till both the sides are crispy and golden brown. Using another spatula, lift the pocket from the side to brown the edges as well.
Stuffed Paratha Pockets

9) Once the paratha is fried, slice it into four pieces and serve them on a platter with your favourite sauce.
Stuffed Paratha Pockets


Expert Tips

  1. It's better to use corn kernels that have already been defrosted or better and faster cooking.
  2. Make sure that the dough you use is made with refined flour and not wheat as wheat tends to be less elastic.
  3. Make sure to fry the paratha from the edges to achieve a more crispier pocket overall.


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