Meyer Select Stainless Steel Straining Saucepan 16cm (Induction & Gas Compatible)

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Why buy the Select Stainless Steel 18cm Straining Saucepan?
  • Superior Pitting ResistanceOur saucepan features a 100% nickel-free thick stainless steel bottom, ensuring superior pitting resistance for long-lasting durability.
  • Comfortable Handling:The riveted 'stay cool' handle with a comfortable silicone grip provides safe and easy maneuvering while cooking.
  • Convenient Dual Pours:The saucepan comes with pouts on both sides, allowing for easy and mess-free pouring of liquids.
  • Shatter-Resistant Colander Lid:The shatter-resistant colander lid locks in heat and moisture during boiling while offering a perforated drainage mechanism for easy straining.
  • Even Heating: With a 5mm thick aluminum sandwich base, our saucepan distributes heat uniformly, preventing hot spots and ensuring even cooking.
  • Versatile Cooktop Compatibility: Suitable for both gas and induction cooktops, our saucepan is a versatile addition to any kitchen.
  • Metal utensil safe; Oven and Dishwasher safe
  • 10-year Warranty: Free from material & workmanship defects under the normal household usage

    Product Code

    Country of Origin

    High Grade Proprietary Nickel Free Stainless Steel

    10 years from date of purchase

    Product Dimensions
    Diameter: 16 cm
    Length (handle to handle) : 33.70 cm
    Overall Product Height: 18.06 cm
    Internal Pan Height: 10.50 cm
    Weight (Kilograms): 1.19
    Capacity (Volume): 1.95 L

    Dishwasher Safe : Yes

    Suitable Cooktops
    Gas, Electric & Induction


    Item Shape

    Common/Generic Name
    Meyer Select Stainless Steel Straining Saucepan 16cm (Induction & Gas Compatible)

    Seller/Importer Name
    Meyer Housewares India Private Limited
    Add: 30, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar-3, New Delhi- 110024

    Package Contents
    1N Saucepan with 1N Tempered Glass Lid, Use & Care Instructions, Warranty card


    The date of delivery is usually between 3-4 working days. However, this can vary according to the location, climatic conditions and area distress


    10 Year Warranty

    This certifies that your Stainless Steel product is warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship under normal household use for 10 years. The warranty does not cover damage from abuse, commercial use, neglect, abnormal wear or tear, overheating, or any use not in accordance with the cookware instructions provided with the product.


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The Meyer Select Stainless Steel Straining Saucepan 18cm is a kitchen powerhouse, perfect for various cooking tasks. Boil milk, steam veggies, make sauces and soups, stir stocks, and cook grains or hard-boil eggs with ease. This saucepan's versatility makes it a must-have kitchen essential.


Cook with confidence, knowing that our saucepan is constructed from high-grade nickel-free stainless steel with superior pitting resistance. The durable stainless steel body and 5mm thick aluminum sandwich base ensure even heating and long-lasting performance.


Our saucepan features a riveted 'stay cool' handle with a comfortable silicone grip, providing a secure and comfortable hold. Plus, the dual pouts on both sides make pouring liquids effortless, eliminating spills and messes.


The saucepan's shatter-resistant colander lid is designed to lock in heat and moisture during boiling, while the perforated drainage mechanism on both sides makes straining a breeze. Enjoy mess-free and efficient cooking with this thoughtful design.

A stainless steel saucepan has earned its fair place among the pantheon of cookware as one of the most important pots and pans. Contrary to its name, a high-quality saucepan is adaptable and typically indispensable; every commercial kitchen has them, and every domestic kitchen has them as well. The sauce pan has a long and illustrious history in kitchens, especially in an Indian kitchen as it is an integral part of all our teas and coffees. Here’s a small-sized straining saucepan that will work great for any kitchen. This is a stainless steel pan that is 100% safe, with no nickel or any other harmful coating. This stainless steel cookware has two pouring spouts for easy and mess-free dripping.

What can you in Meyer Select Stainless Steel Straining Saucepan 16cm ?

Anything that is largely liquid cooks best in a saucepan. As a result, it works well for simmering, preparing soups, brewing tea and coffee, and for making sauces like spaghetti sauce.

What is a saucepan?

Small, spherical pans with tall, straight sides are known as saucepans. Saucepans often feature long handles and lids and are designed to be used on the stove. The saucepan's design ensures that the food or liquid inside is heated uniformly. Due to the combination of the high walls and the smaller base, this style of pan also produces a bigger surface area, resulting in more even cooking. The saucepan's high walls also stop spills while cooking. This means that it works well to keep kitchens clean as well as to keep issues from developing in busy kitchens.

Uses of Meyer Select Stainless Steel Straining Saucepan

Although saucepans are primarily used in India for boiling water, the stainless steel saucepan from Meyer is capable of much more. Our saucepan's thick walls, flat base, and snug-fitting lid are its essential design elements. As a result, this stainless steel pan can be used for a variety of tasks, such as cooking sauces, grains, and preparing small quantities of soup as well as baby food.

Stainless steel is great for making sauces

Our Saucepan is perfect for both cooking and reheating sauce. Because of its thick walls, the ingredients stay in your pot and off the stovetop. No matter the cooking temperature, our Saucepan also offers uniform and constant heat. It works well for reducing sauces without burning them thanks to its strong heat retention.

Stainless steel is great for Grains

Grain dishes like rice, quinoa, and even small batches of pasta may all be prepared with our Saucepan. Additionally, its tight-fitting cover is particularly helpful when cooking rice or other grains.

Stainless steel is great for Soups

Our Saucepan is ideal for using as a base for sautéed vegetables in most soups, especially if you're just cooking a small quantity. The flat surface can be utilised to brown meat, and the straight sides will provide equal heating throughout the entire cooking process.