Bharwan Aloo Tikki

A dish synonymous with Indian street food, this recipe of Bharwan Aloo Tikki without onion is made with super simple ingredients and is bound to be a favourite among your family and friends.



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Aloo tikki is easily the best street food in India that is savoured with utmost delight. It is a golden fried-potato patty generally stuffed with peas and served with an assortment of chutneys. Simply put, "Aloo" is the Hindi name of potato, and "tikki" means croquette or a small cutlet. This delicious and easy snack is a vegetarian alternative to the globally popular hash brown. This snack is considered to originate in the Indian subcontinent and is extremely popular all over India, especially North India.

Easy and Quick Bharwan Aloo Tikki Recipe Without Onion

Here, we are helping you prepare a no onion and garlic (Satvik) version of the popular aloo tikki that you can enjoy during fasting. There are many people (such as Iskcon followers) who do not eat onion and garlic, this recipe is ideal for them. Easy to prepare and totally lip-smacking, this recipe is perfect to savour during winters or during your tea time with your friends and family.

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    How to Make Bharwan Aloo Tikki Recipe Without Onion?

    1) Boil potatoes and take them out. Do not keep them in the hot water as they might soak up the water and become squashy.

    2) Peel the potatoes when they are warm and grate them. You can also mash them with a potato masher. Shift them into a big mixing bowl.
    Bharwan Aloo Tikki

    3) When the potatoes have cooled, add the following ingredients- grated paneer, jeera, cornflour and salt to taste. Mix everything very well.
    Aloo Tikki without Onion

    4) For the stuffing, in a bowl combine chana dal, mint, chopped green chilli, chopped ginger and chaat masala. Mix very well.
    Aloo Tikki

    5) Divide the potato mixture into small balls with a hollow centre. You can also apply oil to your palms when shaping the tikkis. After this, stuff these balls with the mixture.
    Aloo Tikki

    6) Flatten the stuffed Aloo Tikki and heat oil on a Meyer Merlot Frying Pan. When it is hot, gently place the tikki one by one and pan-fry them. Flip the tikki (one at a time) when the base is crispy and golden. Fry another side also well.
    Aloo Tikki without Onion

    7) Garnish with chutney of your choice and serve it hot. You can also serve the tikkis with sweet yoghurt raita.
    Aloo Tikki without Onion

    Expert Tips

    1) You can use a binding agent while preparing aloo tikki to keep the tikki in shape and to help them turn crispy. You can also either use breadcrumbs (for normal days) or arrowroot flour (during fasting days) to give it extra crunch. 

    2) For stuffing, you can use a variety of ingredients such as beetroot, paneer, peas, or cooked chana dal.

    3) For more crispiness, you are recommended to fry aloo tikki twice.

    4) You can also refrigerate them after shaping them in a sealed container to use later.


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