Mumbai Masala Toast

Unravel the delectable flavour of one of the most loved street snacks from the Khao Gully of India. A classic masala toast with the goodness of soft and crispy potatoes with a hot and melting cheesy centre! This dish has so many different layers of flavour, but is cooked in just 20 minutes.


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What is a Mumbai Masala Toast?

​​A Mumbai masala toast is a street food variation made using toasted bread and potatoes. This recipe has boiled potatoes, cooked in a tomato onion masala and topped over a piece of bread. Between the bread and the potato mash, a generous quantity of cheese is stuffed and the bread and potatoes are sealed together to lock it in. The whole package is topped with some sesame seeds and toasted on a tawa with melted butter so that the top layer of potatoes and sesame gets nice and crispy. And once you slice the toast in half, the hot cheese oozes out. It can be enjoyed as a breakfast item or even as a midday tea snack.


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Quick and Easy Mumbai Masala Toast

If you're feeling jolly for your breakfast, or want to spice up your evening tea, this Mumbai masala toast is something you should really give a try. It takes only 20 minutes to make, has crispy and spicy potatoes on a toast and has melty cheese oozing out of the centre. In a way it's the perfect snack for anytime you feel a little peckish and even makes for a really good breakfast option.  


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    How to Make Mumbai Masala Toast ?

    1) Start by melting ghee in a Circulon Origins saute pan into that saute some chopped garlic, mustard seeds and chopped onions till the onions are soft and translucent.

    Mumbai Masala Toast

    2) To the onions add chopped garlic and a handful of curry leaves and mix them in. Now to the pan add chopped tomatoes and season them with salt, turmeric and red chilli powder
    Mumbai Masala Toast

    3) Saute the tomatoes well and then add grated boiled potatoes to the cooked masala. Mix the boiled potatoes and the masala thoroughly.
    Mumbai Masala Toast

    4) On a toasted slice of bread, add a generous portion of grated mozzarella cheese. Over this, place a thick disc of the potato masala and press it down to seal the toast with the cheese.
    Mumbai Masala Toast

    5) On the top of the toast, press in some black sesame seeds and chopped parsley or coriander.
    Mumbai Masala Toast

    6) On a non-stick dosa tawa, melt a few drops of butter, place your sealed bread on the tawa keeping the potato side down. Toast it for a few minutes till the potatoes are nice and crisp
    Mumbai Masala Toast

    7) Flip the toast and grill them a little on the other side and then transfer them hot on a plate with some ketchup. Slice them open and enjoy the hot cheesy goodness.
    Mumbai Masala Toast


    Expert Tips

    1. Saute the spices and onions completely before adding the tomatoes.
    2. The potatoes should only be mixed when the masala is completely cooked.
    3. When toasting the bread, make sure to toast the potato side on the butter first.

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