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Apple Pie Pockets

This apple pie pocket is the recipe for people who aren't looking to share, because that's how good it is. With this method of preparing a mini pocket version of the classic, you can make an apple pie in a much faster and convenient way.


Table of Content

  1. What are Apple Pie Pockets ?
  2. Quick and Easy Apple Pie Pockets
  3. How to make an Apple Pie Pocket ? 
  4. Expert Tips 
  5. Recipe Card  


What are Apple Pie Pockets ?

​​An apple pie is essentially a pie filled with an apple filling, that can be cooked or eaten raw. The pie is usually double layered. The bottom layer is blind baked to avoid sogginess while the top layer is baked together with the apples topped with an egg wash and sugar. This recipe is a smaller portioned version of the pie, where the apples are cooked and are stuffed between two slices of white bread. The whole parcel is fried into a crispy crusted pocket filled with apples, giving us a similar result to an apple pie.


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Quick and Easy Apple Pie Pockets

In the mood to have a slice of apple pie? But don’t want to put lots of effort into it, then this recipe is for you. The miniature version of your classic apple pie that comes in small portions, giving you the perfect little snack or dessert for your evening.  


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    How to make an Apple Pie Pockets ?

    1) Chop all the apples and add them to a bowl. In a Non-Stick Pan, melt butter and sugar and add your chopped apples into it.
    Apple Pie Pockets

    2) Mix it all together, add some cinnamon to it and saute it for a bit. Transfer the mixture into a bowl and let it cool down.
    Apple Pie Pockets

    3) Take two slices of white bread and slice it into circles using a cookie cutter. Add some filling in the middle of the circle, cover it with another slice and crimp it using a fork.
    Apple Pie Pockets

    4) In a stainless steel milk pan, heat oil for frying. Into the oil fry the apple pocket until it's golden brown and crisp.
    Apple Pie Pockets

    5) Garnish the mixture with some of the leftover apple filling, over the fried apple pie pockets.
    Apple Pie Pockets


    Expert Tips

    1) Make sure to peel the apples as the skin doesn't cook that well.

    2) The apples should be cut evenly so that they cook evenly.

    3) Seal the pockets properly so that the apples don't leak out.

    Recipe Card

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