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Apple Crumble Muffin

Here's another rich and decadent dessert for you all, an apple crumble muffin that would delight your hearts with its amazing buttery crust and the soft and flavourful apple filling.


Table of Content

  1. What is an Apple Crumble muffin ?
  2. Quick and Easy Apple Crumble muffin
  3. How to make Apple Crumble muffin? 
  4. Expert Tips 
  5. Recipe Card  


What is an Apple crumble muffin ?

​​A muffin can be called an individually portioned cake that's baked in a separate muffin tray or cups. The apple crumble muffin isn't like a traditional muffin as it does not consist of cake. It's the classic English dessert portioned out in individual muffin trays to form convenient single servings of the decadent dessert.


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Quick and Easy Apple Crumble Muffin

A rich and decadent dessert for your palate that is super easy to make with a step by step recipe like this one. This classic apple crumble is made in perfectly portioned muffins. This makes it the perfect petit dessert for your fancy dinner parties or get-togethers and has the appropriate aesthetic for your instagram as well.  


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    How to make an Apple crumble Muffin?

    1) Firstly preheat the oven to 190 degree celsius. Now, in a Nonstick Chef's pan, melt some butter and add chopped apples to it. Over this add some cinnamon powder and honey and mix it all on a medium heat.
    Apple crumble Muffin

    2) Add vanilla custard powder to the apples and incorporate it. The custard would start to dissolve and thicken the apple syrup.
    Apple crumble Muffin

    3) In a blender add refined flour, butter and sugar and blitz it together to form a coarse sand crumble.
    Apple crumble Muffin

    4) Take a cupcake tray and put some crumble into it, press it down on the surface.
    Apple crumble Muffin

    5) In the remainder of the crumble, add muesli and some maple syrup and mix it all together. Fill the cupcake tray with the apple mixture and top it off with the crumble. Bake it at 190 degree celsius for 40 minutes
    Apple crumble Muffin

    6) Serve them warm and drizzle some maple syrup and icing sugar as garnish.
    Apple crumble Muffin


    Expert Tips

    1) Do not over mix the flour or it will not be crumbly.

    2) Use a tissue paper roll or something soft to press down the base, otherwise the dough would be pierced.

    3) Make sure to eat them warm or reheat them if eating after a while for the best taste.

    Recipe Card

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