Khubani ka Meetha

Khubani ka meetha is a very simple dessert from hyderabad, its got a very cool and refreshing sweet taste and is perfect for after a meal, try this simple recipe this diwali and end your meals on a sweet note .

Khubani ka meetha also known as Qubani ka meetha is a very simple dessert originated from Hyderabad that has a very cool and refreshing sweet taste. A perfect and must have sweet dish after any meal.


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Did you know Apricots are known as Khubani in Urdu and Meetha means sweet in hindi? So in English, Khubani ka Meetha translates to ‘apricot sweet’ or ‘sweet dish’ made using apricots.
This dessert is made by stewing and slowly cooking apricots in water and adding sugar to make a jam-like consistency. Also the dried apricots are soaked in water overnight or for some hours prior to stewing them in order to make them soft.

Prep Dried Apricots (Khubani)

  1. You should always rinse a few times in freshwater and then soak 25 to 28 dried apricots overnight in 2 cups of water at room temperature. You can even soak them in warm water for 4 to 5 hours.
  2. The dried apricots will swell & become soft after having absorbed the water.


Suggested Cookware for the Recipe


Step by step guide to make Khubani ka Meetha

 1) In a Meyer Merlot Non-stick open Frypan add water and start boiling the dried cubed apricot. Boil them for 10 minutes while stirring regularly.

Khubani ka Meetha

2) Add in the sugar to balance the slight tart flavour of the apricot. Cook it down till thick and sticky. Don’t cover it or leave it unmonitored as the apricot might stick to the bottom or might get overcooked.
Khubani ka Meetha

3) Now add saffron, some colour and menthol pan chutney for flavour. This will enhance the flavour as well as its look. .
Khubani ka meetha

4) Keep cooking and stirring the mix until dry.
Khubani ka meetha

5) Serve with chopped pista or dry fruits of your choice.
Khubani ka meetha


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