Marmalade Malai Chop

Ever wondered how citrus tastes in any of your classic milk mithais? Well, the question gets answered today as we tell you the recipe for a marmalade malai chop. The sweet and creamy milk confection is flavoured using orange zest and topped with some sweet and tangy marmalade. 


What is Marmalade Malai chaap?

Malai chaap is an old Indian dessert which is made of a thickened milk dough, shaped into a the shape of a chaap and then cooked inside hot thick milk and sugar mixture. The marmalade malai chaap is a take on that by adding the flavour of orange and orange zest into the milk and topping of the prepared dessert with some orange marmalade.


How to make Marmalade Malai Chop

  1. In a large bowl mix the milk powder, baking powder and ghee till a sandy and coarse mixture forms. Add orange marmalade and a whole egg and mix that into a batter as well.   

Marmalade Malai Chop image 1


2. Apply a little ghee onto your hands and roll out a little portion of the dough into chaap shape and let them rest on a greased plate.  

Marmalade Malai Chop image 3


3. In a stainless steel kadai add whole milk, a few cardamom pods and granulated sugar. Heat and reduce the milk till it starts to boil and then add orange zest into it.  

Marmalade Malai Chop image 3


4. Add the shaped chaap into it and simmer the milk for 20 minutes till it is thick. Serve the cooked malai chaap in a martini glass, topped with some chopped nuts and orange marmalade.

Marmalade Malai Chop image 4

Expert Tips

  1. Mix the ghee and the milk powder such that the dough formed is completely smooth.
  2. Rubbing some ghee on your hands makes shaping the dough easier as it does not stick.
  3. The milk needs to be really thick or the layering would not happen perfectly.

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