Date Chutney

Date chutney/khajoor chutney is an amazingly healthy, nutritious, and easy sweet chutney recipe. It can add just that tangy zing and sweet taste to any snack. This sweet chutney recipe for chaat is finger-licking good. This recipe is a way to get the same taste on your palette without actually searching for tamarind. It is easy to cook & ready within a few minutes.


Table of Content

  1. What is Khajoor Chutney?
  2. Health benefits of dates/Khajoor
  3. Step by step guide to make Khajoor Chutney
  4. Expert Tips
  5. Recipe Card  


What is Khajoor/ Dates Chutney?

​​A perfect replacement for your staple store-bought Jam, this easy-to-make almond and date spread is fresh, Nutritious and Delicious Chutney. This can be used as Jam like Spread soars and adds lots of health benefits and will be loved by young and old alike!


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    Proven health Benefits of Dates

    1. Extremely nutrient rich : 3-4 dates provide about 200 calories, 54g of carbohydrates with about 5g of fiber content, a gram of protein, & no fat at all. Having at least 3-4 dates a day also supplies smaller amounts of these nutrients vitamins B, vitamin K, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and manganese. In other words, dates aren’t simply sugar bombs or empty calories they are much more than that. 

    2. Dates are naturally sweet and provide no added sugar : Dates are fresh fruits actually, since no water is removed or added. And because dates are whole, unprocessed fruit, their sugar content is naturally occurring. In other words, if an energy bar is sweetened only with dates, the label can list 0 grams of added sugar. It is an alternative to jaggery as a sweetening ingredient. 

    3. Dates support digestive health : Dates are a great source of fiber , your body needs a minimum of 25-30% fiber in your diet to maintain good digestive health. Only 3 dates constitute 18 % fiber content which means if you’ve ever experienced constipation, you know how it can wreak havoc with your energy level and overall comfort. Dates can be a simple way to get things moving. 


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      Step by step guide to make Khajoor Chutney

      1) In a milk pan, start by adding seedless dates and then add half cup of water . Let it boil and make a thick paste like the consistency of the same. Keep stirring in between so that dates don’t stick together.

      Boil Dates in a pan

      2) Add little sugar just for taste and cinnamon powder and simmer the paste properly for at least 20 minutes while removing the scum.
      Dates Chutney

      3) Once the consistency is reduced to a sticky syrup or jam-like spread, add in the sliced almonds or your choice of dry fruits.
      Add Almonds in the date chutney
      4) Cool the chutney and store it in your favorite jar.
      Date Chutney


      Expert Tips

      1) You can store this chutney upto one month in an airtight container.

      2) If you don’t like sweets, don’t add sugar to the chutney , you skip that.

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