Garlic Pickle

It is one of the best food accompaniments for Indian cuisine and many others like middle eastern and lebanese. Garlic pickle is a condiment, which is easy to make, gets done really fast and has the most basic ingredients involved. This recipe is must try if you want to spice up your food, with the addition of just one product.



How to make Garlic Pickle

  1. In a chefs pan heat the mustard oil till it reaches its smoking point and loses the punjancy. To the hot oil add mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chillies. Fry everything.   

Garlic Pickle image_1


2. Add whale garlic cloves to the pan as well, fry them on medium low heat and add ginger garlic paste to the pan. Season the pickle with salt and add all the other dry spice powders.  

Garlic Pickle image_2


3. Finish the pickle off with some sugar and white vinegar. Take it off the heat and transfer it into a glass jar. Store and preserve for upto a month.   

Garlic Pickle_3


Expert Tips

  1. Ensure that the mustard oil is beyond its smoking point before adding anything to it.
  2. Do not burn the curry leaves, they just need to be lightly fried to infuse the flavour.
  3. The garlic needs to be sauteed on low heat only to infuse the flavour, without frying it.




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