Lentil and Spinach Roll Ups

A Lentil and Spinach roll up is a crispy snack that mimics the spring rolls and other mini fried food that are nostalgic to us. The flavouring of this roll is inspired by the Lebanese lentil and spinach soup that are famous for their warm and fulfilling nature. Everyone, especially children, love these little breaded snacks that are deep fried and stuffed with cheese.

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  1. How to make Lentil and Spinach roll ups?
  2. Expert Tips
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    How to make Lentil and Spinach roll ups?

    1. Lay flat the slices of bread and flatten them out using a rolling pin.
    2. Boil the lentils till soft and then blend them in a mixie.
    3. Mix the blended lentils with mayonnaise and add seasonings.
    4. Blanch the spinach and cool in ice water.
    5. Spread the lentil spread on the flattened bread.
    6. Put grated mozzarella cheese and blanched spinach.
    7. Carefully roll the bread In a cigar shape.
    8. Heat butter in a frying pan and just toast the bread roll till golden and crispy..


    Expert Tips

    1. Flattening the bread is important to seal it.
    2. Do not overfill the roll with cheese, it can very easily overflow.
    3. While grilling in the pan, make sure to turn it and sear each and every side for the most perfect crust.

    Recipe Card

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