No Bread Egg Sandwich

Serves 2-3

Preparation time 10 Minutes

Cooking time 6-7 Minutes


Eggs - 4

Vinegar - 10 ml

Salt - 1 tsp

Extra virgin olive oil - 100 ml

Liquid cheese (optional) - 10 gms

Onion - 1

Tomato - 1

Cheese slices - 1

Basil leaves - 2-3

Smoked paprika - 1 tsp

A quirky little snack idea of a carb-free sandwich, fit for people who have a gluten allergy, or are just simply avoiding extra carbs like bread.


1) Separate the egg whites and the yolks and start beating the whites.

2) Whisk egg whites till hard peaks and keep aside.

3) In case, you have time and don’t want to waste the yolks, you can make fresh mayonnaise at home, it tastes much better than store-bought.

4) For mayonnaise, start whisking the yolks over a double boiler and add vinegar and salt to it.

5) Gradually add the olive oil while whisking till emulsified and creamy.

6) Add any flavourings to the mayonnaise-like liquid cheese and smoked paprika.

7) In a non stick pan, add a small dollop of butter and add the whisked egg whites to the pan.

8) Let it cook on a slow heat so it becomes fluffy.

9) Cut the cooked egg whites into squares to resemble a slice of bread.

10) Add sliced onions, tomatoes, basil leaves and the homemade mayonnaise to the sandwich.

11) Slice and serve.

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