Potato Pancake

Only a few quick snack recipes can truly satisfy one's hunger, and this recipe is one of them. Potato pancakes like this one are not only easy to prepare but also demonstrate  quite an array of flavours and textures.


What is a Potato pancake?

Potato pancakes are shallow-fried pancakes made from shredded or crushed potatoes, matzo meal or flour, and a binder like egg or applesauce. They are frequently seasoned and flavoured with minced garlic or onion. They can be eaten simply or with a variety of toppings, including both savoury and sweet ones. 

A potato starch and grated potato mixture is pan-fried in oil to create the Korean pancake known as gamja-jeon. It can be prepared without any other ingredients, however occasionally onion, chilli, and perilla leaf are added. It is usually seasoned with a little salt and served with soy sauce.

How to make Potato Pancake

1. Start by grating the potatoes and onion in a bowl. In that bowl crack an egg, season it with salt and pepper, mix these three together to form a cohesive mixture.   

Potato Pancake image 1


2. Add refined flour to the potato mixture and fold it using a spatula. Also fold in the baking powder. 

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3. For the umami filling, in a bowl, mix together soy sauce and honey, add spring onions, sliced onions, with some chopped ginger, coriander and jalapenos. Mix it all together.    

Potato Pancake image 3


4. In a non-stick frypan, melt some butter, transfer the potato mix into the pan and spread it out evenly. Once it cooks from one side, flip it over and cook it from the other side as well.  

Potato Pancake image 4


5. After it is fully cooked, transfer it out on a platter and slice it into equal pieces while still hot. Eat it with the dip filled inside each slice.  

Potato Pancake image 5


Expert Tips

  1. Do not grate the potatoes and onions too finely or they will disintegrate.
  2. Egg in the recipe is necessary for the binding of the pancake.
  3. Do not try to flip the pancake before it is fully cooked.

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