Chilli Peanut Brittle

Let's bring a change to your regular biscuits; try out this new chilli peanut brittle recipe. It's a crispy and chunky snack with the kick of Thai chilli to make it even better.

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  1. What is a Chilli Peanut Brittle ?
  2. Quick and Easy Chilli Peanut Brittle
  3. How to make a Chilli Peanut Brittle ?
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What is a Chilli Peanut Brittle ?

​​Peanut brittle is a candy made with caramelised sugar set into bars and snapped into large chunks, embedded with peanuts with some or the other flavouring. The version we're making today is Thai sweet chilli flavour, with the regular peanut and sugar. You might have heard of the Indian version of the peanut brittle, we call gachak or chikki.


Quick and Easy Chilli Peanut Brittle

Upgrade your usual tea-time snack with this sweet and savoury peanut brittle. It's crispy, it's chunky with peanuts and has the most amazing flavour obtained from the chilli sauce. Try out this simple recipe that gets done in just around 15 minutes and results in such an amazing snack.  


Suggested cookware for the recipe 

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    How to make a Chilli Peanut Brittle ?

    1) In a non-stick fry pan, add granulated sugar and water. To that add your whole peanuts and let it reduce.

    Chilli Peanut Brittle

    2) To the peanuts and sugar mix, add sweet chilli sauce and incorporate it completely. Heat it till it reduces to a thicker consistency.
    Chilli Peanut Brittle

    3) Take the pan off the heat and add baking soda to it, start mixing it immediately as it starts to bubble
    Chilli Peanut Brittle

    4) Once it has stopped reacting, transfer it into a non-stick cookie tray and top it with some chilli flakes. Chill it till it is solid.
    Chilli Peanut Brittle

    5) Once chilled, demould it and slice it into even rectangles or squares.
    Chilli Peanut Brittle


    Expert Tips

    1. Make sure the peanuts are without their peels.
    2. Don't make the sugar syrup too thick or the mixture might not spread evenly.
    3. The quantity of the sweet chilli sauce can be increased according to your taste.

    Recipe Card

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