Spiced Orange Marmalade

Serves 2-3

Preparation time 10 Minutes

Cooking time 5 Minutes


Oranges - 3

Sugar - 1/4cup

Cardamom - 1-2

Orange zest - 1 tsp

Cloves - 2-3

Peppercorns - 2-3

An English classic served with a mild spicy kick making it more exciting on the palate.


1) Squeeze the juice of the oranges and add them to a saucepan.

2) Add the sugar to the pan and start reducing it.

3) Add the whole spices and the zest to the reduction and let it infuse on very low heat.

4) After 10-15 mins when the water is evaporated leaving behind a jam, switch off the heat and pour it in a jar.

5) Cool it for 10-15 mins and serve.

6) Use it as a spread for toasts or muffins.

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